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Hi all. I'm new on here and have been ttying for a baby for some time. Tried clomid with littleresponse. Tried letrozole which was working but can only take for short cycle. Have had ovarian drilling and d&c. I have pcos and endometriosis. Don't have periods. I'm 25 and have been seeing doctors/hospital since I was 17 due to lack off periods. Been having fertility treatment since I was 21. Slow process. Me and my partner have never used protection in all the time we have been together (since I was 15) stupid I know. Only just been referred for 1 round of ivf at Birmingham women's hospital. I'm so scared of it failing. Anyone in similar situation? X

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  • Blimey, it sounds like you've been going through an ordeal from a very young age! Being referred will help. It doesn't always work first time but now someone can recommend a cycle and journey to suit your symptoms... good luck! And welcome! x

  • Thank you for your reply. I really just need the support of other people right now x

  • In that case....you've come to the right place! x

  • Hi Shannon, what a terrible time you have had, sorry to read of your fertility journey.

    The one thing IVF gives us all is hope.

    Hopefully your wait for treatment will not be too long. Wishing you the best of luck xx

  • Thank you for your reply x

  • Hi Shannon,

    Like you I've had ovarian drilling and tried clomid with no luck but started my first cycle of IVF last year, I know it's a lot easier said that done but try to think positively about it working, I've had Acupuncture with my cycles and I really felt this helped. As others have said IVF definitely gives us all hope and hopefully your now on the right path of treatment x

  • Thank you for your reply x

  • What are the timescales and steps of your treatment? R u nhs? I'm just being referred for our group meeting.

  • Usually I'm a really organised person with a back up plan for everything. But now we have one round of ivf on nhs and I don't know where I would get the money from for further rounds of needed. I hate the unknown! So much is hanging on this one hope. I just want it so bad and don't know what will happen and how I will react if this is negative. What do I do? X

  • Yeah I'm NHS, it's so unfair as it's like a post code lottery for how many cycles you get. I can't say time scales exactly as I was already under my fertility clinic and had, had 7 months of clomid before I was told IVF was our last option but it was a 4 month wait from that apt to starting injections.

    I know exactly what you mean, all of a sudden everything is out of your control, like I said Acupuncture really helped me feel like I was taking some control back and helped with my anxiety. It's an emotional roller coaster and it sounds like you've already been through so much, try to think positively and maybe plan things up until your apt that you can look forward to and keep you busy? X

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