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Sad news

So is thought I would give an update on my IVF Trip to Turkey. During stimulation my womb lining was a bit thick and it was initially suggested I may have to come back for a FET. However after egg collection where they collected 20 eggs, they did another scan and said all looked fine for an ET. About a week after ET I started bleeding heavily. A nurse in the UK tested me early via urine and it was a BFN. Then a few days later on my OTD the hospital (as I was still bleeding so my doc referred me to the early pregnancy unit), tested me positive via urine.

The next day I did the HCG privately as the hospital refused to do it, after they initially said they would. Again tested positive. However when I then did another HCG three days later my levels had dropped from 65 to nine. Doc said the pregnancy was losing. I asked if it was worth doing another blood test again but she said no as the level had dropped too low.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Should we have waited for the FET? Did I do too much after the ET? I also missed my pessaries on a few days too.

Looking to do a FET after Christmas.

Best wishes to you all.

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Aww that is just awful, but ur still in it hunny, hoping all goes well for your fet xx🤞🌈💋


Sanchia there are always so many 'what ifs' that go through your head in ivf. I worried about womb lining- I can't even fathom what's too thin or too thick. If you hadn't have gone straight for it you would have wondered about why you didn't transfer after egg collection.Try to not worry about the past and now focus on the FET. Wishing you all the best for the future cycles and hoping for your rainbow 🌈 baby 👶🏻 b


Awww Sanchia I'm so sorry to hear your news! Sending hugs!xx


Sorry to hear this. Try not to blame yourself and look forward instead to your FET. Wishing you lots of luck with your FET xx


Awww what an ordeal, I had a chemical pregnancy in my last cycle too, is hard to get your head round. I doubt you have done anything to impact the outcome, it's just us what it is. You can tie yourself in knots trying to work out why. However, the brightside of all of this is that your body does do what it's supposed to do. That's a good

Sign and your clinic will see this as a positive step forward for your FET.

FET are much better in terms of stress, less medication etc so hopefully your next transfer is the one! 🙌. I hope you're ok xxx


Indeed. What's next for you Hun?


sanchia46 i am sorry to hear about what you went through. The last thing you need is to blame yourself. Please do not. What i have learnt through this whole process is that we can only hope to do the best we can. The rest is beyond our control and even beyond the doctors' control.


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