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Sad news

After my 2 trips at the weekend to ED with pain and bleeding I ended up getting taken in by ambulance last night with severe abdo pain. The scan today showed a sac but our precious embryo had died. We would have been 7 weeks tomorrow. We've had a week to come to terms with this so it wasn't such a shock. I've now been transferred to my local hospital for a D&C in the morning. Things have just been too unstable to continue with a natural miscarriage.

I never could believe I was pregnant but also I can't believe it has come to this. Feel like I've run out of time and this was a really strong embryo with brilliant HCG levels early on. X

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I'm really sorry to read this. Life can be so cruel at times. Please look after yourself and have time to take things in x

Oh Mantaray I am so sorry to hear this, I know from personal experience that no words will make you feel better, just take it one day at a time and I hope everything goes ok for you tomorrow and you will be home resting with your partner soon enough xxx

I'm so sorry. I feel your pain.

No one can predict these mean things that happen to us and no one can be blamed.

I think all of us that have been waiting so long to see the two lines have to put up a defence barrier to protect ourselves.

Even if in your head a week ago, you had a gut feeling about the outcome, you'll still have the same heartache and pain. It will take time, so please look after yourself X

So sorry to hear your sad news. I know no words can make you feel better but give yourself time. Sending you massive hugs. Take care xx

Ooooh I'm so so sorry

So sorry Mantaray, tough times X

so so sorry to hear this news. I know you had your doubts but having it confirmed must be devastating. I cant comprehend what you must have gone though and be going through but you sound strong so I hope it's as painless, physically and mentally, as it can be. Take time to recover, only you know if you can try again. Thinking of you at this horrible time xxx

Mantaray I'm so so sorry to be reading this. I can't imagine how you must be feeling right now, getting this far after all you've been through. I am heartbroken for you. I hope the D&C helps you with your healing process. I wish there was something I could say to help or to comfort you. Sending lots of love to you and your partner, take care x x x

Sorry to hear this and thinking of you. Take time to grieve and recover. Xx

So sorry 😢

So sorry to read. Take care of each other x

Hi Mantaray75. Such sad news. I just wanted to say that I hope all goes well with your hospital stay and hope you are soon back home with your loved ones, who will give you the support you so need at the moment. Sending you gentle hugs. Diane

Really sorry to read this Mantaray75. You must be devastated.

I'm so sorry to hear this. Take lots of care.

So sorry to hear this . Sending u hugs x

Oh mantaray I'm so sorry this has happened to you, life can be so so cruel. I doubt there's anything anyone can say but you're in my thoughts xx

So sorry to read this. Take care of yourself xxx

Aww I'm sorry to hear this, please don't give up yet, take time to recover and reflect, best wishes xx

Truly sorry for you.sending hugs xxx

So very sorry to hear this. Thinking of you 😞 XXXX


I'm so sorry to hear this. It's such a long process for us all.

Luckily we have each other.

Look after yourself and I know it's hard now but don't give up hope.

One day it will work for you.

Take care and thinking of you.

Kelly xx

So so sorry to hear this, Im thinking of you! Look after yourselves!xx

So sorry to hear. It's just one hurdle after another, some a lot bigger than others. Look after each other. Lots of love. 💞💞💞

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