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High AMH

Hi everyone,

I had my first IVF consultation Fri and was told that my AMH was high(99.9) and that they would have to monitor me to keep an eye out for signs of OHSS. It's worrying me, I don't know what symptoms I should be looking out for when I start the injections?

Has anyone else been told that their AMH is high but then not suffered with OHSS?

Thanks xx

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It's usually after EC..... when I had OHSS it developed couple days after, was moderate not severe.

My AMH is 43.0, it's quite possible you can over stimulate during stimulation but you will be having regular scans so they will pick up on it, severe pain is an indicator! can't walk or wee.

Abdominal bloatING is a sign but this is expected during stimms..... what did clinic say?


He mentioned that if they were worried from the scans that they may get me to take metformin as well to counteract it. I'm still trying to get my head around everything so this didn't really help.

Where you given metformin when you had it?


I started metformin 8 weeks before starting ivf but that was because I have pcos, didn't know it counteracts ohss, try not to worry they will see it on scan very early if you did get it.... what dose of stimm are you starting with for me I started of on 112iu menopur and increased from there. x


I haven't been told yet about doses, I have my medication appointment next week. I've read that high levels of AMH can indicate PCOS but so far I haven't been diagnosed with that. I have no symptoms at all and nothing has been picked up on scans.

They did say they would monitor me closely so really hoping there's no complications xx


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