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Treatment options

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Hi all hope u all well.

Went to my follow up appointment the other day after another failed cycle. We now have to start a new fresh cycle and there will be a few changes with the drugs and EC from last time. Therefore wanted to hear your experiences and opinions please.

Last tome for down ref I did a nasal spray bit will now be an injection. Is there much difference in side effects do u know?

They now also do EC under local rather than general anaesthetic. What are people’s experiences of having a local please? -am hoping it be better as did not react well to general so 🤞🤞


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Sorry about your failed cycle but hopefully the changes in drugs would make a difference. I’ve had EC under general anaesthetic and under sedation. The sedation was so much better and I recovered pretty much immediately and was ready to go home. I was worried that I would feel pain but I didn’t feel anything. Best wishes x

Thank you for this. Glad that recovery is better and didn’t feel anything. This what I’d be worried about and just knowing what happening. See what happens. Thanks x

I can only advise on the EC, having never had a general for EC. EC under a local is actually better if you think about it, in that there’s no hanging around in recovery afterwards. As soon as you feel able, you can go. The actual process itself, for me, has not been without some discomfort but if I had to choose between local and ga I’d choose local xx

Hey thanks for response that good to know. Quicker recovery is always good. Think can cope with some discomfort so does sound better thanking you ☺️x

Hi there, will you have prostrap injection for down reg? This is what I had. I much preferred it to buserelin nasal spray which gave me absolutely horrendous headaches.

I have been awake for egg collection twice and it’s fine. Hoping it works better for you given your bad reaction to the general anaesthetic xx

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Dreamingofbaby in reply to Dunla

Heya unsure what drug called but guess be the same one for injection. Did the injection give u headaches then? Not nice.

Hope local is better too then indeed 🤞🤞

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Dunla in reply to Dreamingofbaby

I did still have some headaches during down reg with prostrap but not as bad as with buserelin. I think I was on a long protocol with the nose spray though which was way worse x

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Dreamingofbaby in reply to Dunla

Ahh I see. Sounds better with the injections then. Thank you. Guess diff got all so see what happens ☺️😁

Ive done the nasal spray which was a pain for me and didnt work. Also done daily injections of buserelin and single injection of prostap which is by far the one with less hassle as its just the once. Injections even if daily would be my choice but they all made me feel pretty crappy! I didnt have local or general for EC, my clinic use sedation and I can honestly say I dont remember a thing but apparently I was talking!

Hey thanks for response yeah am thinking one a day injection sounds easier than remembering nasal every 4 hours but yeah imagine prob wud have more impact-pros and cons I guess. Thanks for saying.

Haha. They do say that lots talk and the patient didn’t remember. Interesting ☺️😁

Thanks for response x

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