Cetrotide help!!!

I am having a small meltdown as bleed due any day and about to start my frozen drugs. Had my scratch and rechecking my drugs and the instructions from the clinic say this drug should be stored in the fridge. The drugs company paperwork says refrigerated items would be delivered in a cool box. They weren’t and the box says just store out of light and below 25 degrees. I’ve googled but it’s mixed messages. It’s 0.25g. Typically it’s bank holiday weekend so I can’t contact my clinic. Can anyone advise? They have been stored in the box in a cool room anyway but I’m stressing I’ve wasted all that money and will need to redo my scratch and delay everything.

Thanks in advance xxx

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  • Aww... please don’t stress! I didn’t store my cetrotide in the fridge - I kept it into bedroom and all was well xx

  • Thanks so much. I also realise I didn’t ask the clinic what time I do the injections? I sound really disorganised but I’ve been trying not to be stressed and now worried my bleed will start over the weekend and can’t co fact the clinic xx

  • I had to take mine in the morning, and 2 x menopur in the evening. There’s soo much to remember, I don’t blame you for missing things xx

  • This is my fourth cycle but first frozen. It’s all so confusing. I’ve got some tablets to take 3 Times a day, progynova. Been trying not to focus on it much and relax as I miscarried in August on my last cycle. Now feel underprepared! Xx

  • Cetrotide should not be kept in the fridge! My clinic advises to inject between 6 and 8pm. They also advised Cetrotide needs to be injected in the abdomen and the other injections in the thigh xxx

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