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Why are my nurses rushing to do egg collection

I've been on gonal F for the last 2 weeks and buserelin for around a month. I went for my 3rd scans today and they could only see 4 eggs and a few small ones but none of which are ready mor matured to be collected. The nurses are adamant that I must go for another scan on Monday and a the collection will be Wed/Thurs. I feel they are jumping the gun and assuming my eggs will be fully matured and ready by Wed. Can they proceed to collect the egg(s) even if it's not ready?? They are just worried that continuing my injections will create over stimulation but I'm just injecting once every 2 days anyway, so no risk to that and I've had no adverse reaction to any of the meds.

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What were the sizes? As well as not wanting them under mature you don't want them over maturing as you can't use them either.

I'd trust in what the nurses are telling you as they make the call for EC all the time. Unfortunately smaller ones are not always collected and hopefully those larger ones are the higher quality eggs which is what they are after.

What was your amh?


At my clinic the nurses always discuss with the consultants before the decision is made and I have faith that they make a knowledgeable decision. They have to balance the risk of leaving it too long and losing your bigger eggs. None of them should mature until you take the trigger shot x


They go by the lead follicles. Because they yield the best eggs. Disappointing for the smaller follicles, but every clinic I've been to say similar things. And the lead ones will be too old to use if you wait for the smaller to catch up (if they grow at all). Hope that explains it. Fingers crossed for egg collection!

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