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Egg collection on wed


Hi ladies. I’ve just come back from my second scan and I’m all set for trigger injection this eve, and EC on wed morn. Hoping for it all to go smoothly. We have been very lucky so far with the whole journey. I’m hoping egg collection isn’t too painful. I’m off work on the day and going in for two hrs on the next afternoon.l, I can’t avoid that unfortunately. Hopi g to hear some happy positive egg collection stories to keep me sane while I wait. I had a HSG test back in jan, with no sedation or pain meds, the nurse this morn said if I can deal with that then ec will be fine! I’m really hoping she’s right! 🙈

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Hi Genabella,

Good luck with your EC this week x x x

Genabella in reply to Dinah_lady

Thank you. Hope it goes well and isn’t too painful 😂

Good luck! 🤞🏼🍀🍍🤞🏼🍀🍍 xxx

Thank you!

Good luck!! I'm in the same boat as I have my EC Wednesday too 😊🤞 xx

Genabella in reply to Chel91

Hope it all goes well for u!

My sisters egg collection was today we got 10 eggs good luck for Wednesday x

Genabella in reply to Pinkpaw2

Ah that’s brilliant! Hope it all goes well

Good luck!! Mine is tomorrow 🤞🏼

Hopefully we both end up with handful matured egg top quality 😊xx

I didn’t feel any pain with EC - I was sedated and watched the whole thing on the screen. Was back at work the next day too :) 14 follicles drained.

Gd luck!


Genabella in reply to Cook7786

That make s me hopeful I’ll have a similar outcome! None of my family know we are doing this and I’d rather keep it that way having gotten this far! I work with my dad so I’m hoping I feel ok to do a. Few hrs work thursdya afternoon so he won’t notice anything

Best of luck for Wednesday you beautiful person!!! I am doing trigger tonight with egg collection Wednesday morning. Happy days! Lots of love. xxxx

So egg collection is over and done with. Got 13 eggs in total. Wasn’t at all as painful as I’d imagined it would be. They just said they would prefer if I didnit go to work tomorrow. I work in a swim Pøöl so they were worried more about infection than anything else I think.

Anyway I’m home and feeling grand. Bit sore head and there but otherwise good and glad it’s all over

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