Immense abdominal/trapped wind pain feeling following egg collection

Hi, I had egg collection on Monday around 11am. At first I had period type pains which subsided yesterday but have been replaced with immense trapped wind type pain in my abdomen yesterday evening. I took a couple of paracetamol thinking it would help get rid of the pain but I've been awake since 3am. Is this normal following egg collection? Just thinking I was a high dose of merional 300 iu and is what I'm feeling now a side effect?

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  • Hello,

    Sorry to hear you are so uncomfortable. I had this too, I had my collection last Wednesday and it took until Sunday to feel better. I phoned my unit and she said it can be quite common but to keep an eye out for other symptoms and keep drinking plenty of water. I also drank one still sports drink a day, snuggled up with my hot water and room paracetamol. Hope you feel better soon. xxx

  • Glad to hear it's a normal side effect - puts my mind at ease. Hoping it subsides soon. I will try hot water bottle and sports drink. Thanks for your advice xx

  • Remember to drink lots of water too!xx

  • Hope u feel better soon xx

  • I had egg collection on Monday and i feel the exact same as you!xx

  • That's reassuring. Are you doing anything to help symptoms? Xx

  • I seem to be feeling a little better now thanks xx

  • Hi Anipea. Pleased that you are feeling better, but do keep up with the extra water to drink for a few more days, as your ovaries may still be a bit active. Hope you're soon back to normal again. Hope all goes/went well with transfer - and for success. Diane

  • Thanks Diane x

  • Hi

    I had this after egg collection. I warmed a wheat bag and used that. I had egg collection on a Monday and had acupuncture on the Wednesday and that made me feel loads better

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