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Egg collection - & pain

Oooh, had my egg collection yesterday, 11 eggs collected & 4 have been fertilised.

Now gotta wait until Saturday to hear whether it'll be a 3 day transfers or ab5 day transfer. Fingers crossed.

I am in a bit of pain though...parecetemol won't shift it...anyone else had this?

I did have to do my gonal f injections to day 18...does this make a different as on longer than normal?

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Hi there. That's great news 4 have been fertilised. Hope it all continues going smoothly for you.

I was in a lot of pain after egg collection and like you paracetamol didn't touch it! Was glad I could use hot water bottles to try give a little ease. Not sure whether suffered a lot as I also have severe endometriosis so my body really didn't like being poked and messed about with. Plus the anti-biotics they gave me after made me even more sore with pains and nausea.

Hope the pains ease for you soon and good luck with the rest of your IVF journey x

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I had a lot of pain in my last cycle from egg collection and I pushed myself to do to much. I would advice just to rest as such and give your body a chance to recover. I plan to really listen to my body this time around. I started my 2nd cycle yesterday with my first injection.

Good Luck all x


Hi sjbiddington. So sorry to read that you have been experiencing so much pain since your egg collection. Unfortunately, ovaries can remain a little active after collection, so why not try some ibruprofen with the paractamol to see whether that might help, as you may need an anti-inflammatory too. Make sure you drink plenty of water too and rest when you can. Hopefully it won't last too long, but if it worsens then you need to see your GP. Good luck with the rest of your cycle. Diane


Hi there

Thanks for the advice...it has got a little better and seems to be getting more of a mild pain so not worrying too much. They did tell me at the clinic not to take ibuprofen, I did ask why but can't remember what they said.

I did get some good news that today that out of the 4 eggs that fertilised 2 are really good and the other 2 are ok so going in for transfer on Monday which will be day 5/6. They were collected on Wednesday.

I presume this is quite good news?


Hi. Yes, to get good quality eggs that have reached blastocyst stage is very promising. So all looking good for Monday.Pleased to hear that your pain has eased a bit and hope transfer goes well on Monday. Diane


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