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Pain after egg collection


Had egg collection yesterday. Symptoms: Pain in bottom when sitting, with abdo pain and wind followed by frequent urination....

They got 7 eggs, 6 of which are mature to use. Will hear from

Embryologist today to see how many fertilised.

Just want it to work so bad! It's the scariest thing I've ever been through

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All sounds normal to me - I had pain & symptoms you're experiencing through to transfer (5 day) and beyond! It all seems to settle as quickly as it appears! My first collection, with fewer eggs I had hardly any pain but with the second cycle it was obvious to everyone the pain I was in! Good luck!

Ugh its awful! They only got 7 eggs, 6 which were mature and only 3 fertilised. Probably going to have day 3 transfer (tomorrow) depending on the grading.... Soo nervous

pswhiteside in reply to Ruffles

Good luck.i had 5 day blastocyst transfer on Sunday and the waiting is killing me! Especially since im experiencing all period symptoms. Only 1 week left to wait.

Ruffles in reply to pswhiteside

Oh good luck! Keep me updated. How many eggs did u have?

pswhiteside in reply to Ruffles

They collected 13, , fertilised 9. After the transfer we got a letter saying that they were able to freeze 3 of them x

Wow that's amazing!

For 2 transferred on day 3 on 6/9.... Already doing my head in waiting


I am 44 years I had 7 eggs 3 matured good one, size, 20,19 and 18 and the other 4 were small immatured. I got 3 eggs fertilised from sperm donor. Ebryo transfer was a bit difficult because I have a back to front womb and that is not good as its not straight forward, you have to get it in tip it back and then up again.. Anyways had 3 fertilised eggs transferred back. That evening I felt ok a bit worrid whether the doctor ahd put it in the right place because I am rectro.. I went to bed around 10PM early in the morning I woke up delirious I was I felt an intense rush of heat come all over my body which lsted for 3 hours and I wa so tired really heavy I could not get out of bed whilst I lied there I could feel my abdomen having spasms inside and a thought washed over me, whatever was once inside is no longer there anymore..

When morning came, I felt normal, my tits were no longer huge and heavy like bricks and the arioloar was no longer heavily pigmented and my lower abdomen was no longer had that bloated feeling. everthing just disapered that night..

It has been 6 days since ET and I have felt nothing since that early morning... I believe I am not pregnant I know I am not.. sometimes we just know.. just like sometimes some just know they are... I have been juicing a litre of fruits and veg different kinds every day for the past 8 months I am never sick never have a cold. I believe I ahave an over active immune system where the body thought it was a cancer or something bad inside and it did its job.. This is called NK I looked into this and those who have an over active immune are all the extreme healthy people... Now I am going to get this test done and shall get back to you all regarding this and my pregnancy test is in 9 days time so I shall let you know the results...

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