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Hello Long time no "see"!

Hello lovely ladies!

So it's been over a year since my first failed ICSI. Some will remember me, most wont 😂. My history is that we concieved our son Joseph 😍, with no apparent issues, he is now 4.5, I've had 1x miscarriage 3yrs ago & since then no joy in conceiving. The issue is with my husbands fertility & the docs have no apparent reason for him having gone from a low count when we had treatment last year to a zero sperm count now. They said a possible blockage, but won't investigate further as it's a fertility issue (& we have a child).

We have to self fund. So after alot of scrimping we have finally managed to build our pot up again to have another shot.

We sadly had no embies for freezing last time as only had 1x good embro for transfer out of 16.

I am aware how very lucky we are to have Joseph, but I also daily have people saying "isn't it time for more" or "isn't it time to give your son a sibling" and this is never from people I know as I'm quite open with them about our struggles, it's people who think they know me (I worked in retail until this month) it's shocking that people feel the need to comment at all! It's very hurtful.

I also tried acupuncture. But was so costly I don't think we'll do it this time round.

I didn't have any "extras" last time and wanted some advice on anything we could ask for. Our consultation is on Monday.

Sorry to witter on! Lots of love to you all!

Becky xxx

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Welcome back 😊

Our first ivf (funded) failed last year and I'm due to start again at the end of the month. This time round we have been told that I can start on a higher dose of medication to get my follicle count up and also something called embryo glue, I don't know much about it but it basically sticks the embryo in place, some ladies on here have said it's worth a try. I've also heard of something called the scratch which is also meant to help the embryo stick. I hope all goes well this time round 😊 xx


Hi beauty1984, thank you very much. I'll mention it to the consultant. And see what he thinks. Good luck for your round this time. Xxx


Hi Becky. Welcome back! Just wanted to wish you well this time round, and if you want me to email you my list of questions to look through before your consultation, then I will send them to you in confidence. Good luck! Diane



Hi Diana. Glad to see your still here! That would be amazing. Thank you very much xxx


Hi Becky179. Yep! 21 years now!! I wish that was my age ha ha! I will wait to hear from you. Diane xx


Don't come on here much but got an email notification from your post. So pleased you've been able to save to try again.

Wishing you all the best with your cycle, we had time lapse at the clinic but that was the only extra we were recommended.

Hope your appointment goes well and good luck xxx


Hi Daisy!! I've sent you a message! Xx


My daughter is 4.5, she desperately wants a sibling... and I get regularly asked if/when we're having another...it's so annoying. We're so lucky to have gotten one! We have had to self fund as we only got 1 round on NHS. Hubby had private SSR surgery. It's expensive.


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