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No Sperm count


So my OH and I have been seen at the fertility clinic and due to my problems I can only have a child via IVF, we had to have tests done on him too just as part of the usual process.

We weren't prepared or expecting to find out he had no sperm count, he's done a re-test but it's not looking great.

I've read that they can test his hormones are functioning properly and also check for a blockage.

We're keeping our fingers crossed that if it comes to it, they do the test where they extract straight from the testies and it comes back in our favour.

Really struggling to think about the fact we may never have children, my partner won't adopt or use a donor.

People keep telling me to be positive but I need to prepare for the worst or it'll hit harder.

Although I still want to hear positive outcomes from other people in similar/Same situations.


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Hello thanks for sharing this out issue is male fertility too although we are not quite sure our options yet. I know he has very very low sperm similiar to you. Fingers crossed for you xx

Thank you for taking the time to reply and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you too

Hey hun

We are facing male infertility. I still remember the day we got the results we weren't expecting it at all! We found out just before we went to work. We were so shocked and upset. I felt like I'd been hit by a bus!

My DP did a few tests all showing the same - no sperm. He went onto have further blood tests which indicated that they would be able to remove sperm. He had a surgical sperm retrieval on May 24th. It was identified he had abnormalities with his tubes. We have enough sperm for 2 rounds of IVF. We don't have a success story yet but we have got further than I thought. I'm currently down regging on our 1st cycle.

It's so much to take in but your not alone. This forum is a great place and if I can help in anyway just ask. Sending lots of luck and a hug xx

Natashalsl in reply to NMP1026

Hi thank you for replying,

It really does help knowing people are going through the same thing.

I'm glad you've been able to get so far and that you'll get your chance at ivf.

I'd love to follow how it goes so I hope you post.

Thank you xx

If they can get even a small sample Icsi could be an option? Good luck xx

Natashalsl in reply to Newqgirl1

Thank you that's what we're hoping for by going through his testies as there finding absolutely nothing in his sample

With ICSI your partner can have a child.

Or even cure him, in most cases it`s possible.

So it`s up to you.

P.S.: as I understood from your previous post you`ll need to take some sort of pills (even contraception) to handle your pain. So can you bear own child?

If not - did you think about other options?

We're hoping they can extract from the testies to do that.

I've been told I can have something up until the ivf and then I've read women can still be given progesterone if there low in it, which should also help my pain.

My specialist said I should be able to carry a child no problem, but yes I've considered a surrogate. I've had one or two family members offer.

Let`s hope for best.

Good luck.

My husband had a vasectomy over ten years ago. The reversal operation failed. Withdrawing sperm from the testicles with a needle failed. He then had a full biopsy and they managed to get some, albeit very damaged, sperm out. We had ICSI as the sperm were immobile and although we had a low fertilisation rate, some of them did work, though they were pretty slow to get going! The 4 resulting embryos were also graded fairly poorly.

I'm now 37 weeks pregnant with one of those 'poor' embryos, and even now, I can't believe it. He's a perfectly healthy baby boy. So hang in there because it can and does happen. Good luck! Xxx

Fantastic that is incredible news and it really gives me hope.

I knew even dead sperm could fertilise an egg but having some in the situation as proof makes me feel so much more confident.

Thank you and congratulations on your miracle xxx

Thank you

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