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Sorry not be on for long time....

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Sorry not be on for long time. We got the bad news on the 10th September no heart beat. So gutted this was our second try. First one we never got any fertile eggs. This time we got one which was put back in. My husband has taking it bad. As he has a low sperm count. So we both think it's his sperm. We have are thinking abt using a sperm donor by don't know what do. Head is all the place.πŸ’”πŸ’”

6 Replies

So sorry to hear this! Xx

Hi, sorry to hear that. I also just got the bad news that the pregnancy is failing. It was our first try but we only got one embryo (none to freeze) so am also worried about our chances in the next cycle.

I have nothing really to say apart from I feel your pain and I know how sad and heartbreaking it is :(

I'm so sorry for your loss xx

I am so so sorry for your loss..sending love xxx

This morning (after medical management yesterday) I passed my second baby after a missed miscarriage. My first was in April and I opted for surgery that time. I just want to say I know how much you are hurting. And I’m sorry you’re having to go through this. It’s so very very unfair xx

So sorry to hear this . Lots of love xx

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