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Starting IVF

Hi I new to all of this. I have my first app next Monday to discuss the IVF I will be starting after ttc for 3 years. I was just wondering does everyone get put on the contraceptive pill before starting the IVF?

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I didn't I just started injections when I started my period.

I had to ring them as soon as I started and went in on day 3 for a scan as I started on the weekend otherwise would have been day 2 and then after they scanned me I started the injections.

Hope your appt goes well xx


Thanks so much for your reply. That's good to know. Can I ask was you on the short protocol? I'm a bit confused with how they decide which protocol they put you on.

Thanks hopefully will have more of an idea by next Monday xx


I was on the short protocol but have no idea how they decide. I do have polycystic ovaries so they have to keep the dose of the injections low for me and slowly upped them just so I didn't develop ovarian hyperstimulation xx


Hi love welcome!

It depends on what protocol you are on. If short you don't do the pill it's just straight into injections xx


Hi there

I was on the long protocol. 3 weeks of the pill before injections started


Hi I'm on the short protocol (low AMH), and I've been put on a drug to control my periods- norethisterone. Please do keep an open mind as every clinic do it differently and no 2 people are the same. Fingers crossed for you.x


I found it all very confusing and was t really sure what protocol I was on..now know it was long..I wasn't put on pill and I have low amh..so very confused as KeeKee21 abive was in shirt protocol with low amh and it seems 2nd time around they doing same protocol however this time I have a list of questions. Good luck xxx


Hi Vic,

Honestly I think every clinic do it differently. My clinic stated if you have an AMH lower than 8 you do the short protocol, but I think different clinical commissioning groups for each area set their own criteria.

Please contact your clinic and they should be able to justify why they have picked a certain protocol for you.

Plus I have other issues, so they need to look at the whole picture before making a decision.

All the best to you. x

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Hey there! I was on the short protocol and most aggressive dose last time so no pill and straight into injections at the start of af.

As I responded well with no crazy side effects they're repeating it next time but they're adding baby aspirin to prevent further miscarriage.

Pre ivf I bought a book called 'Get a Life: a His and Hers Guide to Surviving Ivf'. It follows a real couples' experiences from both the male and female perspective, explains all the terminology, what to expect and what questions to ask. I'd highly recommend. ;-)

Best of luck to you. Xx



I agree every clinic must be different as Im on short protocol but I was put on the pill from sunday just gone to last night as my clinic will always start you injecting on a Thursday Friday or Saturday (something to do with when they will do egg collection and transfer on specific days) I start my first injections tonight and have a scan booked next wed to check on progress. As soon as they know they will tell you which protocol your on and wen you will start etc ️xx


Thank everyone for your comments. My app is Monday so I will be able to find out more. I guess I was kind of hoping I wouldn't have to take the pills and get straight into it as it seems like Iv been waiting forever. But I know what ever they decide will be for the best. Good luck to everyone x


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