Help needed! (Again!)

I'm currently in the middle of my 2ww (😩 in itself!) and I have an issue in that my otd is while we're are away on holiday as our friends are getting married and it been booked for years etc. So, my pessaries and tablets run out while we're away. IF I have a positive test I will obviously need these to keep going with.

So, I rang the clinic yesterday and they have sent me out a prescription for more to last me until what would be my scan date IF we get a positive. I was advised to call my local pharmacy in advance and warn them so they can order the drugs in, which I did and they have.

So my prescription arrived today, (I need all these drugs by Friday to take away with me) and I went to the pharmacy after work to collect them.....

"That'll be Β£106.90 please"

My question is am I supposed to pay for this?

This is our first (and only) NHS funded cycle so should I be paying for the drugs? Or have the clinic made a mistake? A very timely and detrimental mistake as now I am running out of time and as I need them by Friday!

Any help advice appreciated πŸ‘πŸΌ

Thanks ladies xxx

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  • I don't think you're supposed to pay for it no. Maybe they're charging you just in case you get a bfn? (I hope you don't of course). Can you query them? xx

  • I know it's weird isn't it? But I'd happily send them back unopened if I get a bfn! The timing is SO bad! I'm going to end up just paying for it I know I am and then I'll be even more annoyed if I get a bfn!!

    I'm going to ring my clinic first thing in the morning it's just cutting it so fine before we go away which is why I'll just end up paying because I can't not have the drugs just in case! And this flipping wedding abroad and holiday etc has cost us thousands already.

    Just not what I need. It's made me feel really anxious just as I'm just tying to be the most damn 'zen' I've ever been in my life πŸ˜‚ xxx

  • Unfortunately once they are prescribed to us we can't return them. I think it's a silly rule xx

  • I was told to go to my gp and ask if they would prescribe me my two medications and if they wouldn't then I'd have to get from them and pay private fee as they don't fund medication after ET,

    Lucky my doctors actually done something I asked. And it cost me just 2 prescription fees, and she was kind enough to do me for 12 weeks, so didn't have to get repeat prescription,

    Not sure if you can try get a doctors appointment and see if there give you a prescription.

    Hope you a lovely time at your friends wedding. Wishing you lots πŸ€πŸ€ xx

  • Ahhh that's interesting- it's still stupid though that they don't fund meds after et as it's all part of the same cycle?!?! The 'NHS funded cycle' it's in the flipping name!

    Thanks for the advice! I'll get calling my gp tomorrow too just in case and try that way as well πŸ‘πŸΌ thank you!! Xx

  • It may just be my clinic I'm in Kent, thT does that.

    Hopefully you get it sorted tomorrow so it's one less worry for you. Xx

  • If it's nhs funded I'm really surprised you have to pay. I (very stupidly) spilled my nasal spray in my bag last cycle and had to pay for a replacement but that's fair enough! I think you should ask them to double check they haven't made a mistake. Good luck sorting it out. Sounds like the last thing you need.

  • I didn't have to pay for mine during my first cycle - I got a BFP and just went to my clinic every month to collect the pessaries. We weren't allowed to collect any more in advance than that incase we didn't use them and weren't allowed to return them. I would definitely give your clinic a ring, hope despite all these worries you get your BFP and enjoy the wedding x

  • Thank you! So do I! πŸ’•β€οΈ yes I'll get on to them tomorrow morning and try to find out what the deal is and then I'll post back here to let everyone know!

    Thank you for the help 😊 xxx

  • Very strange. I would say definitely contact your clinic. I have technically been discharged from my clinic back to NHS. My cycle was NHS funded swell and I ran out of medication this week. Gave them a ring and they just sent me more no questions asked! Hope you get it all sorted before friday. xx

  • Thanks I'll def be calling them first thing xx

  • For my NHS cycle, from the start they gave me enough pessaries to last to my first scan if I got a bfp. Sadly I didn't need them but it saved me a few pennies for round 2!

  • Ooh that's a good call at least like you say it saved you a bit! every silver lining at least! Xx

  • I had to pay the normal NHS fee for prescription for tablets and pessaries so it was around Β£16 for both to last me until 12 weeks x

  • See this would be okay,

    I'll call and see how I get on xx

  • Have you paid for them yet? If notI'd get back to the clinic if you are NHS funded they will normally issue them from your clinic you may have to collect them mind and avoid the bill!!. Hoping that you get sorted and enjoy your holiday, jammy sausage!!! xxxx

  • Hi! Yeah called them this morning and I can get them as part of my funded cycle but I have to get to Nottingham to get them!! A couple of hours drive away from me, but still cheaper than what it would be otherwise! (Marginally πŸ˜‚) xx

  • Oh nooo!!! I hope you cranked up the tunes, grabbed a Starbucks and some special sweeties for travelling enroute!

  • Hey Hun not sure if you sorted this but I had more sent time and I didn't need to pay, maybe they just didn't realise it was nhs? What did you do in the end xx

  • I've called them yesterday and I can get them for free...... if I go and get them. Which is fine it's just a pain as our clinic is a couple of hours drive away from us - each way! So that's what I've got to do xxx

  • Aw no what a nightmare πŸ™„ xx

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