It didn't work..again :-(

Just had our 3rd attempt fet and started bleeding yesterday..blood test wasn't booked in at the clinic until Monday :-(

I'm devastated, we only had 1 frozen so not sure where we go from here..we're self funded so will need to start all over again.

It's just so unfair, I'm sick of life being on hold while we go through this meanwhile everyone around us has the family life they wanted. I'm heartbroken :-( :-(

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  • Aw I feel your pain rainbowbreeze80. I'm so sorry things haven't gone your way. It's just so unfair. We build ourselves up and hope with all our hearts and then everything comes crashing down around us and it feels like the end of the world. I feel exactly the same, we put our lives on hold and pick ourselves up & dust ourselves off so many times, I don't know where we find all this inner strength I really don't. I'm sending loads of big hugs your way. I know from experience there's not a single thing I can say that will make you feel better at this moment in time but I hope going forward your inner strength & determination will pull you through. Don't give up on your wee miracle just yet πŸ˜™ x x

  • Thanks noodles, one day at a time at the moment I guess and build up the strength to try again. You're right this journey is so hard and unfair xx

  • I'm so sorry Rainbowbreeze80, I wish there was something I could say that will help you feel better. It's such a hard thing to go through with so few people who can understand the heartbreak you feel. Time is the only healer, hopefully you will start to feel better and find the strength to start again. Be nice to your self with a few treats for you and your partner. Sending hugs xx

  • Thanks Vickal, we'll certainly invest some time in us and treat ourselves xx

  • Nothing can make you feel better...just know that at some time or another we know and understand how you feel.

    Grieve and be sad then pick up and dust off. Beat it don't let it beat you.

    I have just started a fresh 3rd private funded cycle and I don't know where we will end up but don't give up hope.

    Massive hugs xxx

  • Thanks, I like that beat it don't let it beat you.

    Good luck for your cycle xxx

  • It's not fair and it's a cruel harsh world!!

    Big hugs x

  • Thanks xx

  • Life is so cruel xxx

  • It sure is xx

  • I do know how you feel hun, keep strong, big hugs to you.

  • Thanks xx

  • sorry, really. It is hard and seems unfair. Whan can you do? Complain or moan? Will it help? Don't think so. There is only way- be strong and not give up. I think everyone here will be supporting you. As you self funded, think on fertilty clinics abroad. Czech and Poland might be friendly pocket solution. I am keeping all my fingers and even more crossed.

  • Were looking into this as our next option, had Cyprus and Prague on the list as ones I'd heard of they're certainly cheaper! Thanks xx

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