4th cycle- feeling bad on suprefact, been fine before!

Hi! I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself and wondered if anyone else's symptoms have varied a lot between cycles? In my previous 3 cycles, the down regging stage was fine but this time I'm on day 4 of using suprefact nasal spray and feel dizzy, hot flushes and then shivery as though I have a fever, sore throat and quite foggy headed and out of it. It's all manageable - went to work and more or less got on with it (not hugely productive though!) but feeling grumpy. I think it's more thinking that 'this is only day 4 and I already feel like this' with many days ahead of me.

Moan over. Thank you for listening! Would love to hear about other people's experiences

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  • Hey, I am also using suprecur to down reg and been having the same side effects. I just keep thinking all for greater good and go to bed early when I can. Good luck and feel free to PM anytime. xx

  • Glad I'm not alone but sorry you're going through it too. I'm curled up under a blanket on the sofa while my oh makes dinner so feeling a bit brighter! Good luck too xx

  • I'm currently stimming for my 4th cycle but found down reg so hard this time round! The tiredness was unbearable, I tried to take each day as it came rather than thinking to far ahead and also had power naps when possible 🙈 lots of luck x

  • This sounds like a good strategy. Day at a time is the way to go....hope you're feeling ok at the mo with the stimming.

  • Ah I can't offer any advice but couldn't read and run either. I think each cycle is different on your body no matter how many times you have done it but if you are concerned I would ring your clinic first thing in the morning. Hope all works out well xx

  • Thank you! I'm sure it's all normal. Just need to suck it up I think. Xx

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