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Break before next cycle

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I retested and it was negative. We have another go but we have 4 weddings and a holiday in August/ September. I want a break and be able to have a drink and forget about it all for a while but feel extremely guilty about drinking. I haven't felt myself for a long time, my husband and I are a very socialable couple and this has been on hold for so long. I know lots of women don't drink inbewteen cycles but I feel I need to give myself a break from it all. Does anyone have any words of wisdom?


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Do whatever feels right for you I don't know that I can give you words of wisdom but this Is what I did for me:

I had a long break of 7 months, my baby sister was getting married and I was maid of honour I wanted to enjoy her day. I also had a holiday with my other half and got back to feeling like me again after my BFN.

Now started again for my second FET and feel so much better prepared and less stressed.

I enjoyed a drink at my sisters wedding and hen do, and also some cocktails on holiday.

Don't feel bad about having a break.

best of luck xx

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Thank you x

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Good luck, hope all goes well x x

After 3 cycles where i did everything I possibly could & it still failing, I am approaching ‘take 4 ‘ completely differently.

It may be foolish but I’ve been having a great summer, have been back exercising like I used to, lots of bbqs and nights out & I am so much happier. I feel like I’m actually living a life rather than feeling as though everything is on hold.

You enjoy yourself and don’t you dare feel guilty about it 😘

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Thank you. Good luck with your next cycle x x

Im in the same boat, after 2 failed fets and 1 failed fresh i had a bloody great summer, drank and had a blast for 2 months. Now im on a 3 month health kick taking DHEA, excercising, eating better etc so i can be sure ive given this next (and probably last) round my all. I say have a ball and revisit at the start of next year! Good luck x

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Thank you. Good luck x

Sorry to hear about your negative cycle! For me, this whole process is so physically, mentally and emotionally draining and I fully intend on doing some nice things to treat myself adn that includes drinking and eating what I want. I think its important to get some normality back in between cycles and to let your hair down, do whatever you want to do to make this extremely tough journey bearable and please do not feel guilty!xx

Thank you x

I would say the whole fertility journey is so physically and mentally exhausting to good to give yourself a break and some time away from it to feel like yourself again, for you and your husband to feel like the old couple before TTC took over. If I was you I'd take some time to have a break so that you come back fresh faced and ready for battle xx

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Thank you x

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