Feeling very daunted by IVF cycle 2

Hi ladies

I know a lot of you have been/are going through this and will understand..we're about to start our 2nd cycle after a failed one earlier this year, injections start in a couple of weeks. I'm just feeling really emotional & anxious about going through it all again, particularly because you know what you're in for once you've been through it before. This will be a frozen cycle and I know that will be much easier on my body, for me the emotional side of things has always been the worst though..the thought of waiting to see if my body plays ball, if the thawing process is successful then of course the awful 2WW and possible crushing disappointment..I feel so scared of it all again.

I know I should be feeling positive and I am so grateful we have one frozen embie left and that we're even eligible for IVF, I just can't shake this real daunted feeling. I may be ok when it's actually started and I'm 'in the zone' of it all but I'm not there yet, any advice or words of comfort much appreciated!


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  • I am the same, have had a break from it all after Feb disappointment and don't start my second until September but already nervous. However I think so many women feel that same daunted feeling and go on to give birth to happy, healthy babies so be proud of what you're doing and know that so many of us on here are wishing you well. Very best of luck xx

  • Thanks Cmat, I know I definitely won't be the only one and you're right that we should be proud of getting through it all, lord knows it isn't easy! I really hope the time goes fast for you till September and it is good news πŸ™πŸ» xx

  • Aww georgina, although i'm on my first round I can sort of understand how you feel and how daunting and emotional it will all be for you. You will be more excited as the time gets nearer, your just being cautious and thats natural if it didn't work the first time. I hope you feel less daunted in the coming weeks and hopefully this time will be your turn xx

  • Thanks Hun, I am definitely cautious but I also need to remember how lucky we are to have this opportunity. Like you say hopefully I'll be more excited as the month goes on, fingers crossed for us all! Xx

  • I'm starting my second now, though it's a fresh cycle as we didn't have any frozen :( I've been listening to a CD called the IVF companion which has been helping me. I'm looking at it as an exciting time, I actually look forward to the injections and view it as one step closer to achieving our dream. Also trying to take it one day at a time and not think ahead. Good luck for your second round, I hope it's successful for you xx

  • That's what I need to do! Just scared I guess. Thanks for the cd tip, lots of luck to you too xx

  • I found our second round much easier as I knew what to expect. The nurse commented on how relaxed I was. It's natural to feel anxious after a failed round. FET is easier as you don't have to go through stimulation phase.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks pm27 😘 I'm definitely grateful we have a little frostie and it'll be easier physically so I will focus on that. Thanks for your reply xx

  • Hi,

    Myself and my husband start our 5th round soon and I feel the same and wherever I go I see pregnant ladies and it is hard when we all want our miracles but what helps me is to think those times before weren't meant to be and one day when we all get there the reason for the wait will be looking at you and you will then know that's what you waited for. Keeping positive is so important but we are human and allowed to worry be anxious now and again especially with what we are all going through X Good Luck X

  • That's a great way to look at it kelly, hopefully when out little beauty comes along we'll know they were the one we've been waiting for ❀️

    So much luck with your next cycle, 4 previous is such a lot, you've really been through it. Hope it's your time xx

  • I'm going through our second cycle now... 1 week into buserelin injections. Actually finding it easier this time. Having a frozen cycle (4 in freezer) so hoping it will be much gentler as I was poorly after egg collection (2 infections, 2 lots of antibiotics and 3 weeks off sick!) I'm terrified of it not working and this is our last 'free' go on NHS but if we don't try, we'll never know! Trying to go with the flow, I'll be ok till transfer day! Still debating embryo glue and 1 or 2 embryo's for this cycle... Undecided yet, are you making any changes?

  • So much luck to you embiemomma, glad to hear you're finding it easier, hopefully I will too! Rubbish that you were so poorly, the things we have to go through hey πŸ˜•

    We only have one embie on ice but it is good quality so πŸ™πŸ» the glue hasn't been mentioned actually but I think I'll ask. They said it was just one of those things that our last cycle didn't work as the quality was so good (2 were put back) so there's not much I could change I don't think.

    Lots of luck to you this time, thanks for your reply xx

  • I'm the same as you Georgina. We finished round 1 in April and have FET booked for Sep. Husband says my anxiety about it is already driving him crazy so I booked in for counselling with someone who specialises in infertility. Have you considered that? Good luck and fingers crossed that 2nd one works for us both! Xx

  • Good to know it's not just me sarahmanc, I feel guilty for not being positive all the time or ungrateful because at least we have one frozen πŸ˜• I think men struggle to totally 'get it' don't they, my husband is amazingly supportive but I think he doesn't always know where I'm coming from on a bad day. He's always a glass half full type!

    I do have counselling but the appointments are scarce as she is inundated but I do find if helpful when I see her.

    Thanks for your reply and so much luck to you too xx

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