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New here.. Clomid success rates?

Hi all,

Just a quick background, I have Endometriosis, which I have had several laparoscopic surgery for - latest one in December 2016. I have also been on every type of contraception to try and help with the pain/symptoms and I have also been on Prostap (3 months worth) which I finished September 2016. I was also diagnosed with PCOS approx 2 years ago. During my last surgery they checked if my fallopian tubes was damaged by the endo/adhesions and thankfully there are no issues despite having endo on one of my ovaries. Me and my partner have not been using contraception since finishing the Prostap injections however I have my fallen pregnant. My partner has had a sperm count check and there are no issues with him. That brings me to now..

I have just been to see a fertility specialist who has prescribed me northisterone to induce a period and then Clomid to take once that period arrives.. he sounded very positive however I don't want to get my hopes up.

I was just wondering if anyone else has been in/is in a similar situation and if Clomid actually worked and how successful Clomid is for getting pregnant.

Thanks in advance,

Holl xx

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Hey, welcome to the forum! I had 7 unsuccessful months of clomid but do have several friends that have conceived successful through clomid - one friend even has 3 children through it so try and keep positive it does bring success to a lot of people xx


Chlomid will increase the amount of eggs you release every month increasing your chances of fertilisation. All you can do is try your best to get timing right and keep your fingers crossed


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