Blocked tube advice

Hi everyone, I was hoping for advice on the next steps.

I had a laparoscopy on Monday and it showed I have one blocked fallopian tube. The tube is healthy but blocked. There were no signs of endometriosis and the other tube is fine. We have been TTC for about 20 months and nothing so far. I was wondering about the next steps, I thought they might unblock the tube as part of the laparoscopy, so unsure what the next steps might be.

Any advice appreciated x

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  • Not sure what happens next. But I suggest you look up serrapeptase it's cleared my tubes and other people that have had blocked tubes I couldn't conceive for 2.5 years after 3 months of taking it I conceived unfortunately lost it I think that's due to low progesterone but at least I cleared my tubes naturally. Google it it helps with pain also xx

  • Hi Staceq. I must admit that Fallopian tubes are not easy to unblock, as it means undertaking microsurgery and a possible "proper" operation, with no guarantee of staying open. If the tube is blocked at the open end (fimbria), your consultant might recommend that the tube is clipped or removed, to prevent any build up of lubricating fluid from leaking back into the womb, with the possibility of preventing a developing embryo from implanting. Obviously, he/she will discuss all this with you further. Let's hope nothing further needs to be done and you can then proceed with IVF or whatever process has been recommended. Good luck with it all, and I hope you are recovering well from the laparoscopy. Diane

  • Thanks for the response Diane. I didn't realise that unblocking the tube would be so complicated, at least now I understand why they didn't unblock the tube on Monday.

  • Hi Staceq. There is another procedure called a selective salpinography, for debris blocking the womb end, but I would have though they would have done that, you will have to wait and see what they say. Diane

  • Salpinography was an option on Monday but I think because the tubes were healthy, they decided against it.

  • Hi. OK, we'll have to wait and see what is recommended. Fingers crossed. Diane

  • Thanks for the advice!

  • I have one blocked tube but also have pcos and they said that ivf was my best option for conceiving. They didn't even mention unblocking it just sent us straight to ivf dept of Coventry hospital, now nearly 12 weeks pregnant after using a frozen embryo.

    Good luck in your journey xx

  • Congratulations!

    I have a feeling they may say come back in 6 months and try IVF if we aren't successful. I will just have to wait for the follow up appointment.

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