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Blocked tube

Hi everyone i just signed up here. 2 years ago I had an ectopic pregnancy and had my left tube removed. I only have the right tube left but that one is also having a problem. It's hydrosalphinx, I was told that if I do ivf treatment, my only tube should be removed prior. It saddens me to do this so I do some research on how to unblock or treat my tube to conceive naturally. I've came across this herbal tampon called felopio, has anyone heard of it or has used it or anyone has advice on how to cure my tube? Thank u very much

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Hi. The problem here is that there is a natural lubrication in your tubes, and any excess spills through the open end and is broken down into the,lymphatic system. Having a hydrosalpinx, completely blocks this open end, preventing any excess to escape. The only way it can, is through the womb end, and specialists now believe that the fluid can prevent a developing embryo from implanting. This is why it is usually removed or clipped. I’ve not heard of the treatment you mention working, but do ask your consultant his/her opinion. The hydrosalpinx can sometimes be opened up, but it is abdominal surgery, with a few weeks recovery. Good luck with whatever you decide. Diane

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Hiya I have suffered 3 ectopic pregnancies 1st had surgery but managed to save tube 2nd expectant management 3rd methotrexate. It was the first question I asked if they would remove before as mine where not visablely blocked on scans they said that would only remove if IVF resulted in another ectopic they think my issue was scar tissue and damage of the hairs in tubes but as I never had investagive op im not 100%. I am now 30 weeks with first try IVF i would say Defo worth a try in alternative options I would also get the ball rolling on IVF as they are changing funding all the time xx


Hi. Congratulations and thank u for the response.We will have our appointment in 2 weeks time in a fertility clinic. I really hope I will find treatment for my tube so they don't have to remove it


Hi thank u so much for ur response. Just hoping my tube can be treated to conceive naturally


Hi, sorry to hear about your health. I have the same and when researching came up with castor oil pack which I used for atleast 3-4 months prior to starting my Ivf treatment. I was told I will have to remove or clip my tubes before under going Ivf. But when I started my Ivf the adviser said if they could see my bloated tubes on the scan I will have I remove it before starting. Luckily it did not show up on the scan. I was lucky to go a head with the procedure. I am now 15 weeks preg on my first attempt. Maybe see of the can check yours before having it removed?

I also read how some people claim the castor oil pack unblocked their Fallopian tubes!

I didn't see the harm in trying as it is a natural approach. Do some research and see if it's for you.

All the best


Hello thank u for your response. So you had an ivf without removing your tube? Does that mean that the castor oil prevented your tube from boating?


Hey, I had a hydrosalpinx in my tube, my tube was very swollen and damaged ans the fluid from the tube used to pour out of me and saturate my knickers :( I didn't know what it was until they told me about the hydro. They said the only way to get rid of it was to remove the tube completely as it was poisoning my womb. So I had it removed. Mine was really bad though so maybe yours isn't as bad and you can get it corrected with surgery xx


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