Feeling curious.

Has anybody been told they have fluid in there tube, been for a follow up pelvic ultrasound to be told it is no longer blocked.

My first scan was about 8 weeks ago and my next scan is next week and my gynae appt is 21st July!

I'm feeling really nervous about going for my scan next week, part of me is telling myself that i'm going to go and be told everything is fine! Am i just kidding myself?xxx

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  • I had the X-ray last June: perfect tubes. Then in January double hydrosalpinx confirmed via ultrasound. I was going to get a lap to get them removed before IVF, but then they cleared themselves and I'm now 7 weeks pregnant from our second round of IVF. The consultant couldn't explain, but apparently it happens every now and again.

  • I shall try and keep my positive thoughts then. Congratulations on your pregnancy!!! Did you have to have ivf because of your tubes? Xx

  • Thanks! We had unexplained infertility and after two failed attempts of IUI we were going for IVF anyways. All the best!

  • Hi, my hsg was clear which suggested no blocked tubes yet my ultrasound suggested otherwise, more internals and an MRI later and they say it's an Hydrosalphinx. I can't have the investigative procedure done due to previous surgery!! Hoping they will be able to drain the fluid at egg collection! All very confusing!! Xx

  • So sorry to hear that!

    I havent a clue whats going on with my body at the moment and its driving me round the bend!!!x

  • It's frustrating when you have no control isn't it x

  • Very much so. I was told what i had with barely any explantion of it what so ever. So i've had to research alot of it myself! Xx

  • I'm just the same have done my own research. X

  • This is so good to hear, I was told I had bilateral hydro from a scan in Feb and am booked in for surgery next week. Will they do a dye test before they begin the laparoscopy do you think? They could have unblocked themselves? Good luck for your scan x

  • Had my scan and unfortunatley the fluids increased xxx

  • Sorry to hear that, will your next step be surgery to have them removed? Or can they be repaired x

  • Until i see my gynaecologist in July, i don't know at this stage what they plan on doing! Feeling very nervous and anxious xx

  • Waiting is the worst part but July will come, just try to keep busy with other things although it's easier said than done. I'm running now 3x a week and trying to focus on that x

  • Waitings awful isn't it! Only 5 weeks until my appt now, so its slowly creeping up upon me. When i think back to when i got my appt through the post it's gone quickly, we've been on holiday abroad and to 3 concerts since, unfortunatly we have nothing planned from now until 21st July! I'm sure we will though we like to spontaneously do things! I like to run, however due to the amount of pain i'm in, i've had to stop! I'm missing it loads find it very theraputic!!! X

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