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Meds Levels?

Hi All, I'm new to here today. I'm just starting in on round 2 of IVF (abroad, through a UK agent). On my first round I was given 'minimal stimulation' which is fair enough as they need to see how I'll react. My body responded as expected and I had 3 eggs which turned into 2 viable embryo's (1 more advanced than the other) but unfortunately....no pregnancy :0(

This time I asked to increase my dosage so we would hopefully have enough eggs, then embryo's to freeze some (just in case). I have just received my prescriptions and treatment plan. The only thing that has increased is my Clomid from 150mg to 200mg per day. Menopur etc all exactly the same as before. So....I guess my question is...has anyone here had a similar thing? What seems like only a small increase but actually it had a big impact? Or do I need to go back to them and question if the increase is enough??

Thanks in advance :0)

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I don't have any experience to advise you, hopefully someone here will.. but if you're ever unsure of anything it's always best to play it safe and ask your clinic for an explanation. Good luck with treatment xx


If your unsure defo question it as you want to give yourself the best chance xx

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I'm sorry I don't have experience of your situation but I would definitely go back to ask more questions at the clinic. It may be at they are starting off slowly and monitoring to up the meds if needed during the cycle. But best to ask. Best of luck xxx


If your concerned I would definitely speak to your clinic for your own peace of mind. But when I was on clomid by consultant would only adjust it by 50mg at a times as he said it can have a big affect of your follicles and also to big an adjustment to soon can be hard with the side affects. Wishing you lots of luck xx


Hi, I'm new here too. I can't offer any advice but just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your treatment. 🍀 x


Thanks ladies. I think I'm going to call my UK agents and discuss with them. I guess that's what they're there for!😊


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