Dilation today

Waiting to go in. Bit worried it's gonna hurt but shouldn't because I'll be sedated. Also scared it'll go wrong in some way but hopefully not. Didn't have egg collection because in my OE cycle there weren't enough eggs so I guess I'm only going through something similar to egg collection. It'll all be done in a few hours. The worst bit is not being able to eat or drink! At least not work for a few days. Happy Friday all xx

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  • Good luck hope it all goes well,

    That's the worst part no eating or drinking I was starving lol xx

  • Thank you! It was all over and done with very quickly and I didn't feel a thing. Treated myself with some fish (grilled) and chips after. Yum! Xx

  • Not sure what dilation is tbh but glad it went well. Yum to the chips but ew to the fish I don't like fish lol xx

  • It's to have your cervix widened at the neck to help when you've had a difficult transfer. The fish was yummy. 🐠🐟🐠🐟 lol xx

  • I see, amazing what can be done these days.glad it went well and you enjoyed your fish cx

  • It really is. We're lucky in that regard for sure! How are you doing? Xx

  • How did it go? My dilation was under general (think I told you that) so I didn't really notice it in amongst all the other things I had done at the same time! Did you stay asleep under the sedation? Does it feel any different now? Hope you are ok after going through that - I just read your previous post and think other people are right, some of your issues are less common and people don't post when they don't have personal experience. Also after any procedure we all feel a bit "raw". I hope you have some nice weekend plans to reward yourself for going through the dilation procedure x

  • I'm not sure what I had tbh - it was done by a very nice anaesthetist but I was only out for 15 mins. I was totally asleep. I don't feel any different now. Just relieved it's done. It didn't feel like they'd done anything except for the residue of the scan gel. I think I was more worried about it than I realised. Yes off to the seaside tomorrow to see my mum and cousin so that'll be nice. How are you doing? xx

  • Glad you're ok. We are off to the seaside too for our annual holiday. Looking forward to having some time with hubbie x

  • Thank you! That sounds good! Have a lovely time together xxx

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