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Scan update: EC booked for Thursday. Poss freeze all.

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Pleased that follicles have done their thing and can now move to egg collection on thursday.

On the crappy front they think I may have mild overstimulation - so might be a freeze all. They will confirm after egg collection.

Can’t help but feel dissapointed. Not really sure what happens if we go to a freeze all route - can anyone help? Do I have to go through all the injections again??

Pity party for one coming up.

Hope you’re all doing ok xx

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Hi Barbara,

Try not to worry until it happens just make sure you are drinking lots I was told to drink 4 litres a day!

I didn't have overstimulation but as I was doing PGD they had to freeze all.

FET is longer but I am sure its similar, currently in doing my 2nd FET.

You are doing great and if you have to do FET it will be fine good luck with the egg collection xx

Thanks sweets. Hope you’re doing ok. Where are you with things? X

Hi Barbara

I am doing well I have a scan tomorrow to see if I am ready for transfer. Getting nervous now! Good luck with your egg collection tomorrow. xxx

Hello, hope you’re feeling OK. With a freeze all, although you get a break between ‘treatment’ so a small delay, that might be a good thing as your body gets a break to reboot itself...

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Barbara1012 in reply to KEndo16

Hi Kathryn, thanks, yeah you’re right...

Will reply to your message xx

I personally regretted not having a freeze all so this might be the best thing to happen.....

Our consultant said they had best results with freeze all.

I know nothing is a sure bet.

Hope you are ok.


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Thanks EB, yeah am coming to terms with it. Have also read that frozen transfer seems a better way to go. Hey ho.

Will give me a chance to have a break, feel better, get my waddle on at the gym ( and have a few glasses of wine and get my hair done!!) before I crack on.

Just going to try and focus on egg collection and see what happens.

How are you? Your 20 week scan must be coming up soon? Xxx

in reply to Barbara1012

Yes honestly if I had my time over I would do freeze all.

Yes all good here - apetite back - poor scales! Waiting game again for the next scan! :)

Sounds good - make the most of the time before any transfers.


Hey lovely, nearly missed your post! Good luck for EC tomorrow - hope it al goes well and you get lots of great eggs xxx

Fingers crossed you can have your transfer, but if you do have a freeze all then at least it will give your body a chance to recover and you’ll have the best chance of a BFP. Hope you’re ok.

Keep us posted tomorrow.

Sending loads of love and virtual hugs 💕🤗 xx

Best of luck for tomorrow Barbara, hope it all goes well and you get good news tomorrow!xx

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