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Egg collection yesterday!

We had out egg collection yesterday and got 9 eggs, 8 were viable for ICSI injection and we now have 5 fertised embryos!! Such a relief! I found the egg collection very tough but is is luckily a quick process once they start and I have just had a few cramps really since.

I felt a very painful pressure on my my tailbone which was the worst bit and a few sharp jags but everybody is different and some people feel no pain.

The nurses were so lovely and the doctor was chatting away trying to put my at ease. I brought hubby in with me which I wasn't sure about at the start but I was glad he saw what I had to go through so that he could understand it all better. The men's part in the whole process is just ridiculously easy compared to what us women have to go through!!

All going well we will either be back on Friday or Sunday for transfer so fingers crossed!

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5 embryos is fab... Were you awake during egg collection? I was sedated and didn't feel or remember a thing. Good luck with your wee embryos & your transfer. I would say relax but you probably won't be able to lol as it's all go from here ☺ x x


Yeah I was awake with pain relief which the had to top up but I really struggled. It was our free NHS cycle and I think you only get the option of proper sedation in Belfast if you go private. I would certainly not recommend being awake!

I'm just trying to keep busy now over the next few days. Thanks for your good wishes x

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Hi Belfast1,

I was also sedated through my collection and don't remember a thing but apparently I was laughing away in there lol. I had some pain for 2 days after mine but was up and about on the 3rd day! That's great news about your embryos! I had 4 our of 5 fertilised with ICSI then 3 developed to fully blastocyst so had 1 put back in at day 5 and 2 to freeze. Was very pleased :-) am now on my 3rd day of waiting and trying the wish the time away as quickly as possible. The transfer is sooo much easier. Not pain at all, just a little bloated.

Wishing you soooo much luck xxxx


Oh best of luck to you and thanks for letting me know about the transfer, I was starting to dread it in case it was also going to be painful.

That's great you got 3 out of 4 to blastocyst!! It gives me hope x


Congrats, that's great news! I agree with the male comment - my husband is sometimes quite blase 'IVF this IVF that' it has nearly no impact on them physically and I agree that its useful for them to be involved as much as possible. I have already demanded a larger than usual push present should all go well with our cycle ;-) if you weren't offered sedation due to being NHS funded I personally think that's disgusting, you should not have to experience unnecessary pain dependant on which pigeon hole the invoice goes into. I know there are mixed feelings about NHS Funding (not on this forum but in general) but I think we should be mindful that the NHS isn't 'free' health care it is health care that is paid for using our own tax and NI contributions. I'm sure most of the ladies on this forum (or their spouses) have worked hard and paid into the system for many years and to then be refused help with IVF due to age, weight, step-children, hair colour, bra size (I'm being sarcastic!) I personally think it is unfair. My feelings are the same across the board, not just for IVF treatment - if we have an NHS system it should be accessible or the alternative is to let the country save on tax and those that are willing and able to work can pay their own healthcare bill. That might get a mixed response :-/ On a brighter note, you did get funding and have 5 fertilised embryos - wishing you so much luck for transfer day! (I'm sure my husband thinks transfer day is related to football signings!) lol x

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I did have sedation pain relief but it just didn't cut it for me and anyone I know who has gone private gets a general anaesthetic which I defo would have taken! I am so grateful for the NHS funded treatment but as you rightly said we pay already for it!

But sure I'm through the worst if it now and I'll spend my energy thinking positive thoughts. Best of luck for your cycle x


Great news about your embryos.

Yes the male part is so much easier than ours! Fortunately I had general anaesthetic for my egg collections.

Embryo transfer was fine, a little undignified!


Lol I'm used to undignified at this stage!!


My EC was also yesterday. 9 eggs collected, 8 were mature and 7 fertilized. Transfer is on Sunday ☺️😊 yay to both of us!!!


Aw best of luck fingers and toes crossed for the both of us x


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