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How do I make a complaint ? Should I complain ?

After my failed FET 5 weeks ago... I rang the hospital to see when was the next possible date for me to start FET No2. As I am off work throughout August I requested could I possibly have it then so I wouldn't need to take any more time off work in the future...

The nurse on the phone reassured me and said she would book me in for FET treatment plan for August. 3 weeks went by and I still heard nothing. I phoned them again before my holiday as I was worried they wouldn't be able to contact me whilst I was out of the country ... the nurse on the phone had told me my notes had been to the Multidisciplinary meeting and that they would send me a treatment plan letter through the post so when I returned off my holiday I could begin. My mother has been checking my mail whilst I've been away and nothing had arrived. So I called them from my holiday to be told my notes hadn't been discussed in the meeting, there was no recollection of my request, that a appointment would NEVER be sent through the post regarding treatment plan... now they are fully booked and can't take us on until the next cycle... I feel so upset and annoyed I've waited the last few weeks for nothing. Does anyone know who I can complain to, the stress of dealing with my clinic is almost has bad as the treatment. We are under the NHS Heath in South Wales :( ... I can't cope with them messing us about anymore

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So sorry to hear this. If you want to make a complaint you should the problem with this process is we don't feel we can. Maybe start with calling and saying you want to speak to whoever is in charge in your clinic, do you remember who you spoke to when they said yes to your treatment having names and dates always helps. If you don't push for things no one else will so you must do what you think is best x this is so important to us all and takes over our lives and you know what is best for you xx

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It's not the first time it's happened the general care of the clinic is good through the actual process but the communication inbetween is massively failing ! If you don't chase them you are literally forgotten it's exhausting ! I didn't take the name of the nurse I spoke to :( I will from now on along with dates and times ! Why is it so difficult! Xx


Yes I found the same, the icsi procedure we had was amazing but all the appointments run up to that were a disaster. From cancelling appointments at the last minute, to losing our notes (this happened 3 times) I did find the communication awful. I thought about complaining a number of times but I found crying in appointments seemed to work better!! Not good for stress levels, but at least conveys your frustrations!!


They lost our notes also :( 5 weeks ago since my FET failed and they still haven't even mentioned it in the MD meeting ! It's awful x


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