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IVF follow up appointment after a failed cycle

Next Thursday we go for our appointment with the clinic to discuss what went wrong with our 1st cycle.

I've got a list of stuff I want to ask the consultant.

The last cycle we made it to a 5 day blasto. I didn't ask what grade the egg was just was told it was a good blastocyst so I don't think the problem is that.

This time around I was going to ask if we could have an endo scratch as I've read that it can give you a better chance of implantation.

I have also found out recently that we have rhesus negative blood in our family. My maternal aunt struggled to get pregnant but when she did her body rejected the baby. This was in the late 80's early 90's. Would you mention this to the clinic.

Is there anything you would ask to change or improve?

I was on merinol 150 and managed to grow 9 little follies.

Sorry for the long post.

Lots of love and baby dust

Lynsay xxx

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Hi Lynsay,

Good luck with starting your next cycle. I would definitely recommend an endo scratch, the consultant I am with always does this with each patient and he says research does show it can really help improve implantation. Are you with a private clinic or NHS? I am not sure how the NHS work with providing this.


We will be a private this time. We only got one funded cycle.

Hopefully they will offer this as I've also read that it's only been used as a last resort in some cases.

We are paying for it so anything that may encourage the embie to stick I will try.

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Hey, just wanted to wish you luck for your apt and I think everything's worth mentioning. It may seem something small to you but who knows to a consultant it could help with a bigger picture.

Regarding embryo grading I now don't believe the grading has a lot to do with it - I've read a lot of women have not so good quality embryos transferred and get BFP. I've had 4 top quality blasto transferred both times having the endo scratch and both unsuccessful. I think sadly it all comes to down to luck, hopefully this next cycle will be the one for you 🤞xx


Do read this before going for an endo scratch hfea.gov.uk/treatments/expl...


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