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Still waiting for a follow-up appointment after failed IVF

Hi everyone 

I haven't been on here in a while as I just needed a break from everything fertility related after our first failed cycle 😕

I know every clinic is different (we are under St Mary's, Manchester) but could anyone advise how long it took for them to be seen to discuss the failed cycle/ next steps etc? 

On our test day I spoke to a nurse who said we'd receive a letter in 2-3 weeks with a follow up appointment with the doctor or an embryologist. I rang last week to chase it up as it had been 4 weeks by then. I was told it'd be sorted but I still haven't heard anything. I will ring again tomorrow but I wondered if anyone is under Manchester and has found this? I find the medical staff amazing but the clerical side of things very frustrating 😬

Thanks ladies x

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Sorry to hear about your failed cycle. We just had our first cycle and failed too. Our clinic left me alone for a week (longest week of my life!) and to be honest they probably felt they were doing it to give me time to recover but I wanted someone to talk to. I got myself all worked up and upset and angry and I rang them in the end after a week. They offered me a free counselling session and scheduled a meeting with the head nurse to discuss my next cycle within the week.

I think they wait for you to judge it? To see how ready you are? Maybe give them a call if you're anxious for answers if nothing else. For me, I felt much better when I had a 'plan' laid out for me, an idea for when we could start the second cycle.

Yours may be a bit different though by the sounds of things. I'd say keep nagging til you get your answers. With most healthcare things I've found you don't get heard unless you fight xxx

Good luck!


Sorry 2 hear about ur failed cycle my first 1 also failed 😦 on the 29th march and ive just recieved my fallow up for 11 may..only becoz i called a few times to get a date givin.. to ask about it again hun as ive found unless u chace it u wait forever..good luck with ur next cycle babez xx

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Hi after our failed one (we at st marys too) they told me I needed to bleed three times before next go, which I challenged as unless you want or need to no evidence waiting does anything. Anyway my appointment was about 4 weeks afterwards with the doctor who did the implantation and she the. Said I could start I had only had one bleed but said nothing. I have just had FET and got my bfp 22nd March I have my viability scan tomorrow but Tuesday started with a dark discharge mainly when I wipe after pee (sorry tmi) so going slightly mad and worrying it's gonna be game over xx all the very best with your new cycle 

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I was at Manchester , after first failed cycle i was seen after about two weeks. I had no eggs fertilise and was at the hospital when they told me , was handed a follow up letter straight away.  

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Hi ladies 

Thank you all for your replies, sorry for the delay I haven't been able to get on here. 

Anyway I did chase it up and pushed it and it turns out it was just human error..my file had been moved and not put back in the correct place so therefore I slipped through the net. Frustrating but it happens I guess. I now have an appointment for mid-may so I'll discuss my next cycle then. Weirdly I still don't feel ready, I thought I would want to try again asap but I've enjoyed being off the roller coaster of it all to be honest. I just wanted the follow up appointment to have some questions answered.

Good luck to you all wherever you're up to xxx


It took 6 months for me at st Mary's!! I went private instead xx


When I was under this clinic for my 2x nhs try, we found exactly the same staff, treatment etc can't fault but like you said the office side was a let down. I found I was constantly phoning and chasing up paperwork or appointments. My advice would be to be persistent lol xx


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