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Day 2!

Hi everyone. Not commenting much on people's posts. But support there for everyone.

It's a very helpful place to be reassured that all of the overthinking and worries are normal!

Had baseline scan yesterday and first injection last night ! All very real now.

At the moment feeling keen and excited (despite knowing we are a long way off yet) but going to enjoy the feeling positive while we are there. My husband is struggling a bit with being anxious and worried about the final outcome. A part from reassurance from

Me and telling him how much I love him and that how is feeling is normal --- any other suggestions to help him?

I've put lots in

Place to help me as I suffer with anxiety anyway so I have counselling

Sessions booked in over the course of the treatment and trying reflexology tonight.

Thank you all for sharing your stories. Wishing you all the best 🍀🤞😊

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Wishing you lots of luck with your cycle.



Hi I start my first injection tomorrow... it's our first cycle... just want to wish you the best of luck!!!

I can't really give you any advice as my hubby has always been the positive one, and me always worrying about the outcome and needing lots of reassurance!

You certainly aren't alone..... I wish you the best of luck in your journey :) x


Hi Kelly!

Wish you good luck in your journey!



Luck for your cycle !!


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