1 Embie Vs 2 Embies?

Hello All,

hope everyone is keeping well. Just wondered if anyone had or been advised to place 2 embies (for a better chance). Having read the benefits of placing two, I can't help but feel that this could end up being a risk. Not so much the multiple birth side of things because that would be a huge huge blessing but more of the health risks in the future.

My views are this, considering so many of us have gone or are going through the ups and downs of going through IVF, if you are lucky enough to get more than 1 "healthy" embie, why would you not consider placing two

Back in? Most people would say "well I don't want to risk it having gone through so so much already. On the other hand, some would say, biological clock and age is not on my side so If (and although it's a big IF) it increases chances, I would seriously consider this.

Me and the wife are on the brink of having to Make that choice. Although our clinic has advised as part of protacol consider wife's age, that they would "recommend" placing 2 out of 4 we have, ultimately the choice is ours. My wife is 39. (She had also been given the endometrio scratch which had a high percentage of Implantation).

I guess I'm just looking for others that might of had to make that choice and what the end result was, although baring in mind EVERYONE is different.

It's a very very tough tough choice!

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  • Hi Sanj, hope you are well. I understand your going back and forth on this one. We did have many conversations about it but we always had the same answer; if we were allowed two we would have two transferred. This would be our best chance of success and of a family. It's entirely a personal decision though, I understand why some people would hesitate over having 2 (or possibly more!) babies at once. I hope you can both make a decision that's right for you x

  • Thanks MommaBear, hope you are well, it's certainly a tough one, and I guess our outlook. Would be "what is ment to be.... is ment to be".... and hope it's the blessing we do wish for.....we are swaying towards 2. Atleast we both know in our hearts we have it our all.

    Thanks every so much MommaBear

  • If that's the way you're swaying I think it makes sense. You don't ever want to ask yourselves 'what if' at the end of all of this. Hopefully all will go well so you never have to! Wishing you lots of luck x

  • Thank you ever so much.... it means a lot, as you say, REGRET it's the worst thing in the world

  • Hi, on our first round my partner and I decided on one being transferred, but at the last minute the clinic advised 2 due to the quality, so we went with their advice. My personal opinion is go with what you feel will give you the best chance. Good luck. X

  • Thank you kindly Lillie, so did you go with two. Was the choice a positive one in the end? Once again thank you so much fur the support

  • Yes we went with the two in the end, unfortunately we weren't successful but I didn't have great odds anyway due to the quality of my eggs.

  • It is a tough decision and a very personal one. I can only tell you our experience. We were only allowed one transferred with our fresh cycle and unfortunately that failed. When it came to the FET we were given the choice and decided to put two back in. Like Mommabear said, you have to feel like you are giving it the best chance.

    We were so lucky as one embie implanted, however I didn't have any bleeding and the doctor said this is normal and the second embie will have just been absorbed into the body. So for us 2 was the right decision.

    Good luck with whatever you decide xx

  • Any thanks for your dupport and Shari g your own experience Daisy Mae. It's very much appreciated. Me and the wife are thinking long and hard and the general

    Opinion is for us to give it our all and go with two. What will be will be I guess but ofcourse we are hoping and praying we are blessed to have a child if not two.

    Wishing you continued blessings and hope all goes well.

  • We had two transferred as were told this gave us best chance at the time and we just went with it as were told this on egg transfer day so no time to really think about it. Go with your gut and fingers crossed for you both x

  • Thanks Vic, what was the outcome for you? Hope it was successful. Many thanks fur your response. Much appreciated

  • Unsuccessful for us sadly however I don't think that was down to one or two embies. Hopefully you will be lucky x

  • We are considering two with our upcoming fet

  • Hi, it's really difficult. My clinic had a rather strict policy and would always prefer to have a single pregnancy. I was 32 when we started and had 3 cycles where we only put one in and all of them were unsuccessful. After this, we had our fourth cycle where they said it was ok to put 2 in now and we were fine with it. I honestly didn't think both would implant since we hadn't had any pregnancies or implantation in the last 4 years. And both implanted. I'm having my 12 week scan on Saturday and pray and hope every day that all is fine. I'll be very honest I'm quite scared about the idea of having twins, I think it's very tough at the beginning and I still can't quite believe it. But I'm very very happy, too, and sometimes think maybe it was meant to happen like this. Im not sure if that's very helpful, I think you both need to decide what you feel comfortable with and what feels right for you. All the best!!

  • Wowsa Miri, you've certainly been through a lot. Thank you for sharing your experience. It's a very tough choice but we will give ourselves the best opportunity, with absolutely no regrets. The idea is to have one ( which we will feel very blessed with) but if the two come along, it was ment to be a d yes it will be tough I'm sure, but what part of life isn't.

    I wish you all the very very very best fur your scan and hope all continues to go well.

  • Hi Sanj76.

    My friend sent me this link a few days ago. Not too sure how much of it is correct or not but maybe this will help you decide πŸ˜‰


  • Thank you kindly daddyKray

  • I actually read a similar article from the guardian, but that report was based on research batween 2009-2013. Neverthe less it's a tough tough call.

  • I know it's entirely upto yourself which choice you make. πŸ€”

    My 1st ivf we had 2 embryo inserted & 1 was successful. On my FET we decided just to put 1 back in to reduce our chance of multiples but we had no success, unfortunately.

    This time I'm not sure how many we will choose it definitely is a hard decision only you can decide.

    I'm not sure how much of this is definitely down to the treatment or just down to the person themselves being in a better place but both my friends had multiple MC through ivf & were advised to try ivf acupuncture & 1 of them now has a 6 month old baby & my other friends is has just had her BFP & awaiting her scan next week. Both of them swear by acupuncture. So it may be something to look into to try for a successful treatment this time.

    Good luck I hope you get the miracle baby you want πŸ˜‡ x

  • Thanks again, we and the wife have actually completely changed our life style and bitj from a diet and healthy living point of view. We wer highly recommended to try particular acupuncturist, which we have now been seen for almost 13 months straight. Initially our treatments were twice a week and then after six months they went down to once a month. As well as this we went had been given horrible to take whilst seen them. I must admit during the time that we have been seeing them things have vastly improved in terms of our lifestyles and actually through most of the course we had felt better within our own selves.

    The wife is due fyrva scan next week ( as she's been on the burselin for almost 10 days now aswell as starts by some of the other meds in batween), so from that point of view we seem to be following all the guidance and instructions as one word when going through this process.

    As I said it's a tough choice, my wife is now 38, and will be 39 in July, we are going through NHS And out of the 4 embies we got, we have to decide on how many to try with. Our clinic protocol someone had arranged with the recommendation to put too back in, however ultimately the choice is ours.

    Once again, thank you for your kind words and experience and I wish you well with whatever you decide too

  • We have always had 2 put back had succession on the 4th go but sadly lost our boy at 17w but we are going one final time hoping our 5th will.give him a brother or sister or both to watch over us up there in heaven.

    Not everyone gets to be a parent of an angel.

    Go with your gut it never fails to be wrong x

  • Thanks Tamtam..... wishing you all the very best too

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