Thank you!

As the title says I just want to say a massive thank you to the ladies who have “checked up” on me and sent me well wishes over the last few days.

I know we are all facing our own challenges and struggles during this journey, as some of you know we are still trying naturally as we can’t get help, and every month when good old Aunt Flo shows up I spiral into an emotional loop that has me feeling quite down. I suffer badly with menstrual cramps which have become worse since coming off of contraception and don’t help.

Anyway, waffling, I just want to say a massive THANK YOU!

I know everyone has their own difficulties and the fact that we all still manage to show support to one another is truly inspiring to me. I think this forum is a very special place and I know I would not be able to cope without the comfort and support of all you lovely people.

I wish everyone so much luck, love and baby dust. We will get to our end goal and I know we can all do it as long as we all have each other’s backs.

Words will never be enough to show my love and appreciation for all the support you ladies have shown me.

Kelly xxx

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  • I'm sorry things haven't worked out this time around. I hope this forum gives you hope for the future. All the best x

  • Thank you it truly does. Everyone is so supportive I don’t know where I’d be without these lovely ladies and their positive stories xx

  • We're all here for each other, all in it together 🤞🌈💋💋

  • Thank you sunshine,

    I’ve come to learn u need to have someone to lean on and this forum is fab for that. It’s like having an extended family who can advise you 😊 xx

  • Lovely words Kelly. We're all here for each other. Hopefully your bfp will come soon xx

  • Thank you I just wanted you lovely ladies who commented on my posts and other posts to know how much I appreciate the support.

    I’m hoping so. 🤞🏻 good luck to you too xx 😘

  • Thank you Hun xx

  • Always xx

  • Iv just read this post although I can't suggest anything for the ultimate low you feel when af shows her wicked face. Have you ever tried cramp bark and black haw. They should help with your menstrual cramps and they help relax the uterus also. 💗🤗😘

  • Thanks 🙏🏼 I’ll look into them xxx

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