NO Symptoms after a FET feeling very unnerved!

We had our FET on 6th October, this time it felt a lot more positive our consultant was amazing very thorough took his time and even recorded the whole thing for us to watch back, a much more relaxed environment compared with last time, we walked out of there feeling completely relaxed and positive such a lovely feeling!

Then 2 days later and not feeling even a twinge I completely broke down and have struggled to pick myself up again, I’m convinced it’s not worked I’ve had no symptoms not even a slight cramp my boobs aren’t sore, nothing! It’s unnerving me, and I’m struggling to even think it’ll be a BFP at the end, I’m now 7dp5dt and ive given up on myself!

How has everyone else felt? Is what I’m feeling normal, these are completely different emotions to how I felt last time although, last time I had a lot of cramps and was convinced I was pregnant I was but i sadly miscarried at 5 weeks. This 2ww has been a struggle, please tell me it’s normal because I’m going insane with myself and my emotions, it really doesn’t help that I feel completely normal! 😳

Wishing everyone lots of luck in their 2ww I’ve seen there’s quite a few of us at this stage xxx

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  • Hi there. I had my transfer two days before you and although I have had twinges and other symptoms I haven't had sore boobs. I think a lot of "symptoms" are the medication. I have terrible insomnia which is not like me but I'm putting that down to pessaries as it's a side effect.

    Please don't stress yourself out about it, some people don't have any symptoms at all and i really think it's too early to tell by symptoms spotting. This 2ww is so hard please just stay focused it's won't be long till your otd.

    Even though I've had two cp's which fresh cycles I can't compare this time with FET. I said to my DH the other day "I'm it sure how I'm suppose to feel" he just said it's too early to feel anything.

    I wish you all the best x

  • Ah thanks for replying! I’m glad I’m not the only one! I’m on lubion injections this time and still on the estrogen tablets too, and I feel absolutely fine! Last time I was on the pessaries and the cramping was all the time! Maybe they’ve got it right this time with the medications! I honestly feel like you I don’t know how to feel and feel like it’s not even in there! I’m dreading OTD next week because I don’t feel any different!

    Good luck with yours, so nice to have someone so close to the dates I have, wishing you all the best xxx

  • When I do my pessaries in the morning and evening I get camping after I take them.

    It's so difficult to be hard on ourselves because it's everything we want.

    Keep us posted on how you get on. I have everything crossed for you. X

  • I had a fet and had NO symptoms whatsoever and I am now 23 weeks. Get those positive thoughts back it's not over yet xxx

  • THIS is very reassuring! Thank you so much for replying! Congratulations - hope your pregnancy so far has been healthy, I’m wishing you all the luck in the world for the rest of your weeks 🙂

  • Hie.. i am also very much worried as i am also not having any symptoms and tomorrow is my otd 😑😶 just having tight lower abdomen.. last time i had cramps but got a bfn.. hoping this time i get a bfp without any symptoms😏 good luck to you.. 😊

  • I’m relieved I’m not the only one not having symptoms, good luck for tomorrow, hoepfully no symptoms is good news for us both! Xx

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