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6th time with IUI DI and due to test tomorrow

Hi I'm 33 and already a Mummy to my beautiful little girl who is 2 (conceived through IUI DI).

I have been trying to conceive a 2nd baby since January through private funded IUI DI and am now on my 6th and final try (As told by my nurse's and consultant). I am due to do a pregnancy test tomorrow but am already spotting 😢 I am so scared and worried because this has happened everytime and I've always started my period instead of being pregnant

I do not know what to do. Private funded treatment has not been cheap and will not be able to private fund alternate treatment 😔

I feel so sad as I would really like to be a Mummy again and give my little girl a sibling.

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My dear ... so sad to hear that! I'm not a big expert, but id IUI the only option for you? Can't you try any other treatments?

And you know, I'm just happy to hear that you've succeeded with the first pregnancy! Could you please tell some more about it? I'm 28 and I'm thinking about starting the treatment soon. But I was thinking about IVF. Probably because I've heard more about it. Thank you!

Hope it works for you and God bless your family! xx


So sorry to hear this x have you spoken to your clinic? X


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