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Hi, this is the first time I've ever posted and feeling a little nervous. I'm a single woman and thinking about going through IUI. I have been thinking about this for a long time and just wanted to see if anyone else has been through this treatment as a single woman? I would really appreciate some advice.

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Hei Victoria35

It is indeed great to know your desire to become a mother. You should definitely go for your first attempt. It takes multiple trials to receive BFP!

I am a married woman and had initially chosen IUI after being unable to conceive biologically. The real procedure takes very less time. You will be out of clinic within minutes.

At first, the fertility specialist will check hormonal conditions, whether your uterus befits the embryonic development and your health status. This is quite simple and i am sure you will not have any issue considering you are brave and fit enough to become a single mother.

I advise you to contact the services provided by the consultancy firms by exactly letting them know your details. The experts will guide you with the step by step procedure by which you will be feel confident of moving ahead.

All the best wishes. xo


There are definitely one or two single women on here.. Hope you find them or they find you xx


I am single, I am approaching my second round of ivf. Have you looked at the Donor Conception Network? They have a website and lots of groups round the country. Unfortunately there isn't a single women's group near me. They also have a forum, but no one seems to use it. They have lots of events and publications that are useful.

Good luck!

Victoria35 in reply to Em2804

Thank you. I will look into this


Hi Victoria35. Just wanted to wish you well with this. A big decision to make, but should be well worth it. I have spoken to many single mums in the past, who are now very happy mums. Have a look at DC Network's website, and I'm sure you will hear from a few more ladies on here who have been through IUI on their own. Thinking of you. Diane


Hello. I'm single. I've been through ivf earlier this year. Sadly ended in miscarriage. I'm preparing to do a frozen transfer soon I hope.

I'm lucky to have lots of support from family and friends. Hope you are too. X

Victoria35 in reply to Hidden

I'm sorry to hear that and wish you lots of luck for your transfer. I do have a very close family and group of friends who are very supportive.

Thanks very much for the replies. I was really nervous posting a message. I've been looking into this for a couple of years now. I've been to a private clinic and got all the info but was just wanting to hear from someone who had been through it. Thanks for the positive messages, as one of my worries is what people will think about me doing it alone.

I’m not single now but was single for a long time and wanting a child. Well done you for being brave enough to explore this option, I buried my head and didn’t accept that fertility declines rapidly after 40. Have you thought of freezing some eggs alongside having this treatment? It is something I wish I had done when I was younger and may help preserve your fertility for if you do meet someone in the future who you’d like to have a child with xxx

Hey, I am single and went through ivf , had supportive family and friends, on my first round I had 4 eggs , 2 made it to transfer but bfn, second attempt one egg, got a bfp, have the most precious thing in my life my 3 year old son, it’s been amazing , just having ivf again to see if he will end up with a sibling. Xx

Ps I’m now 44...

Victoria35 in reply to Pammi912

Hi, that's amazing news. How did you find it doing it alone? I'm 35. Can I ask why you didn't try IUI?

Pammi912 in reply to Victoria35

It is a bit daunting as everyone is turns up everywhere as a couple... my background for the 1st ivf, I got married and my husband couldn’t have children.. cut a long story short, we agreed on ivf, and he decided to pull out half way through, so I decide to continue it by myself... my age and Amh were against me having a successful round, so I wanted to give it the best chance...also I have a needle phobia, so was hoping to have some frozen embryo’s, as it worked out I only had one egg, and was advised to have a 2 day transfer, and 8 months later I had the most precious thing in my life..

But you have time I was almost 41 when I hadn’t treatment. Xx

Victoria35 in reply to Pammi912

So glad it worked out for you. Your story gives me lots of hope x

Pammi912 in reply to Victoria35

Good luck with your cycle. Will look out for your posts. Xx

It's a scary thing going through it alone.

I'm single I am just starting a cycle using ivf. For me it's been hard getting my head around it all.

I haven't told anyone except family, it can sometimes feel overwhelming and isolating but knowing I might become a mum helps me to get through those hard times.

Victoria35 in reply to Dani9

Yes think that's what I'm struggling with. Id love to become a mum. I have a good job and good support but I struggle to get my head around it all

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