Currently on the two week wait! I am going absolutely insane waiting to do the all important test. The date I have been given is the 28.11.15, which is a whole week Saturday. I mean, how long is that to wait!! I checked my last failed cycle in March and I was told to do pregnancy test 2 weeks from egg retrieval but on this cycle it works out 2 weeks and 5 days from egg retrieval. I am thinking that maybe I should test Monday 23.11.15, instead of Saturday. Also my periods have been every 33 days exactly for the past three months so that would mean I am due 24.11.15 which is Tuesday. What to do ladies, I can't handle the not knowing any longer but could I handle the knowing that its negative any better. Have no patience and am wide awake thinking about all these scenarios. Is it too soon to test know, I really don't know the answer

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  • Hey Purdy777,

    Hang in there. The 2ww is a complete head wrecker but you are strong and can wait!.

    Testing too early could give you a false positive because of the HCG SHOT or false negative which could cause you a whole lot of worry that it necessary.

    Hang in there chick and ive got everything crossed for you xxxxx

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  • From everything I've read in theory 2 weeks post EC should give an accurate result (that's when I did mine and was 3 days before OTD). However, I have read a couple of stories of false negatives still at that stage and more commonly I have seen women who have chemical pregnancies test positive and get their hopes up only to be devastated later. I suspect that's why some hospitals ask you to test later. Good luck with whatever you decide! x

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  • Hello, I was told to test 2 weeks from transfer but I know other ladies on this site have been told to test 2 weeks from egg retrieval. It seems every clinic is different and its entirely up to you but, the longer you leave it, the more likely you are to get an accurate result.

    Good luck! I know how awful the wait is x

  • My advice would be to wait. My test date is next Friday and I decided to do a test this morning telling myself if it was negative I would be able to deal with it since it's so early anyway - well unsurprisingly it was a negative and even though I know it was too soon, now I just feel like it's all over.

  • I'm so sorry but please don't give up hope

  • Thanks for your reply - my test date was today and I tested positive in the end, huge relief but I definitely stressed myself out by testing early! I saw you did too - congratulations! Now we just have to get through the next few weeks to our first scans :)

  • I'm with you on that - I'm also on my 2ww and my test date is the 27th. It is hard, we all find that as it's the only thing you can think about! However, someone said to me - your pregnant until proved otherwise! So in this time, try and focus on your embryo(s) inside (that's what my acupuncturist told me to do) as the Chinese say what you think about can happen.

    Hold on tight, it will soon be here! Then you won't want to do it, that's what I found last time! x

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