To test or not to test ?

Hiya ladies

I am struggling, if you don't count the first day of transfer I am 6dp5dt or 7dp5dt, feel no different, no symptoms as previously mentioned however no bleed, tiniest amount of brown discharge few days ago but that's it, a few shooting pains backache but that's normal, few odd nights, hot sweats again normal for AF and a little windy ( tmi I know ☺️)

Been on the 2ww 4 previous times and tbh they all feel the same. 

So my method is to test and pre-prepare myself for the BFN that is about to happen or just wait. OTD is Friday if doing a hpt or Wed if doing blood test.  DH took it badly last time and all previous times but as I had pre prepared myself I wasn't as bad.  Am trying to keep his feet on the ground but he will believe what he wants too.

Don't know what to do I know it hasn't worked but i am guessing it wasn't meant to be for us.

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  • Hi Tamtam,

    I didn't really have any symptoms either,  a little bit of brown spotting and a few cramps on day 3, but this could have been from the progesterone. But i did get a BFP on my third go.

    If you can, try and wait a few days before testing, as I think 7 days maybe a little early. I tested a little early as well to get my head around it, just in case it was a BFN.  OH was really annoyed with me that I tested early, all he could say was " Your not meant to test for another 4 days!!" lol, he did smile whilst saying it as it was positive.

    Good luck in which ever you decide to do.  Got my fingers and toes crossed for you my dear.


  •  Hey tamtam 

    No advice just wishing you loads of luck x

  • Hi Tamtam,

    I answer to the first part of your post you don't count the day of transfer as a day. So if your transfer was a Sunday, Monday would be 1dp5dt.

    When I was on my 2ww I found this link really helpful for stopping me testing too early  If you believe what it says then you shouldn't test until 9dp5dt.  Having said that, there are ladies on here that have tested earlier and got a BFP and there are others that tested on 9dp5dt, got a BFN and then went on to get a BFP a day or two later.  Good luck with whatever you decide, but if you do get a BFN please try not to be too downheartemed just yet and test again a few days later x

  • Only you can really know what's best for you to do. Personally, I prefer to do early testing so that I can prepare my head for otd, but at the same time each day can change, so don't torment yourself with the result for that day x

  • Try to hold out for OTD. Testing early might give you a false result and you don't want that.

  • I always tested early on my last cycles and always came out with a BFN.... The paIn in my abdomen feels like AF is just arthe und the corner so am convinced now.  The needs for chocolate is also a major AF sign and earlier some brown again yet another AF sign not looking good at all.

  • Hang in there, Tamtam. As Lynn says, 9dp5dt would be the same as being 4 weeks pregnant and some hpt start to pick up the pregnancy hormone at this point. I tested at 9dp5dt, with urine from very early in the morning (important if testing early). I got a positive and tested on official test date 4 days later. I got a bfp again but later that day bled and thought it could be all over, particularly as I started cramping later that week. But it was just one of those things and the pregnancy is going fine so far. What I would advise is not to continue testing once you've done the official test. Some people tend to keep testing to make sure their levels are still high but I think this could do you head in and my GP actually told me not to for that reason! Best of luck and if you decide to test, wait until the 9 day mark, which will bring you up to blood test day anyway.

  • Thanks for the advice xx. Glad to hear yours is going fine xx

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