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To pee or not to pee that is the question


Hi everyone !! Today is my transfer day 9 (two day 3 embryo were transferred). I have some trouble saying it out loud but I do feel something like period are coming but I have the feeling that it's not that. I experience some cramping, some nausea sometimes, and sometimes like nothing, but the cramping is coming back eventually. I'm driving myself crazy. I'm so afraid to think this positive and be disappointed at the end. My bloodtest is on friday . I have some trouble to wait until someone calls and has the power to change my life forever. I do want to test before but i'm so so so afraid. Sometimes I just tell myself that it's better not to know, than knowing that it didn't work. What can I do ? Do you think I can test before my bloodtest? Please help, need your support !!! Driving myself so crazy. Thank you !!

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Oh I think is totally normal what you feel now! Test or not test this is the question 🙈 I know this feeling and it’s so difficult because we wanted badly positive but testing early also might mean cutting the waiting game too early because if you see negative is like end which might not be often... I’m testing early always, I just can’t stay unknown till test day and I prefer to know result myself before everyone else will telling me is over or start if that make sense.

Good luck hun x

lilou3110 in reply to Anya80

Thank you for your response. I am trying to wait few days... but will definitely test on friday morning i'm sure. I can't stand the fact that knowing on the phone... !!

Oh so that's kind of like 7dp5dt if you are 9dp3dt. If you do test you need to use your first morning urine (fmu) as the hcg will be more concentrated then. If you can, hold off but if you do test and get a negative response, don't give up, your clinic don't expect it to be correct until your day if test. Xxx

lilou3110 in reply to Camillage

Yes, exactly. I'm trying to wait a little more. Definitely will test on friday morning just before my bloodwork... Can 't stand the call !!

The waiting is the worst.....I’m on my 2ww too and it’s so easy to analyse everything that goes on in the body.

My clinic asked that I test 15 days after transfer.....on day 13 and I’ve not tested and don’t plan too until OTD. I’m happy in my little bubble right now. Good luck whatever you decide to do xx

lilou3110 in reply to MrsAdzee

Well, my head is divided in two !!!! Good luck to you!!!

I really feel for you.

I have just finished my 2ww. I am emotionally exhausted, I think I almost went crazy... On Friday I started spotting, having period pains and awful headaches - basically everything that suggests i’m getting my period. I ended up testing three days early and got a BFN and was completely distraught. But I have just arrived back from hospital where the nurse said I was positive.

So I would say be careful with early testing! Good luck xxx

lilou3110 in reply to Bern2015

Waouw. Congratulations. This is an amazing news !!!

Ooo. I'm on the same boat. My testing day is also on Friday and feel exactly what you have just described. Unfortunately my clinic asked me to do only the urine test and I'm thinking of booking the blood test privately. As per posts above only blood test can truly show what's what. Anyone knows why it's not a standard process to have a blood test done when on NHS?

The waiting is unbearable at times. Keep going and good luck xxx

The 2ww is horrendous 🙈 Both my cycles I tested early which I know is frowned upon by many, first cylce was a bfn, second cycle which was a FET I had positive results on early tests from 6 days past my transfer, but I know everyone is different.

I just wanted to wish you all the best xx

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