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Total lack of sickness

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Hi everyone

I will be 8 weeks 2moz and I am worried about my total lack of sickness πŸ™ˆ I never even feel nauseous It may sound silly but I'm feeling really panicked that something is wrong?

I know they say that some women just don't get sick but this is actually accurate and ok?

Be great to know other people's experiences

Sending love πŸ’•

22 Replies
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Hi, I'm 8 weeks & have never been sick or felt nauseous. Don't worry, I didn't have any in my first pregnancy either.

Some people just don't suffer with it xxxx

Morning xx

Thanks so much for your reply I hate that I always feel negative I suppose it's just worry! I do have a scan on Friday so just pray that everything is well wishing you all the best xx

I'm 21 weeks and never felt sick. A couple of dry heaves after eating something i shouldn't but no morning sickness whatsoever

E8989 in reply to emmab178

Thanks so much for your reply it's nice to know it's not me! Xx

My best friend didn't get sick. She didn't even feel it. No sore boobs, no food aversions, no nothing, no symptoms whatsoever other than a growing moving belly. She said she felt like a fraud. But her little boy is a year and a half now 😊 xx

I haven't had any sickness at all just constant hunger and tiredness. I've worried the whole time about not feeling sick but at the moment all is good and I'm 11 weeks xx

E8989 in reply to Hydromermaid-1

OMG! The hunger is unreal isint it? I feel awful cause have put on a fair bit already and before started IVF I lost 10 pounds to get my BMI in a healthy range (i was way under 30 for BMI but wanted to loose!) wishing you all the best xx

Hydromermaid-1 in reply to E8989

lol I can't believe how hungry I am at the moment and it's got worse in the last week but hoping it will calm down a bit soon but I suppose it's better than constant sickness xx

Hi hun I'm 8 weeks and 4 days I've not had sickness either just accept the blessing it could change any minute 😘 xx

E8989 in reply to Tw1986

Thanks Hun haha yes I wonder know I have said it I will still start to develop sickness? So glad all is well with you x

Tw1986 in reply to E8989

Lol be careful what you wish for since I've wrote to you I felt terrible nausea πŸ€’πŸ˜‚ xx

I had horrendous sickness up until 27 weeks, but it didn't start until after 8 weeks. Plenty of time for you to feel awful yet ;-)

Though hopefully you won't get sick at all. Almost all the recently pregnant ladies I know had no sickness at all and everything was fine

E8989 in reply to Cyantist

Hiya oh no until 27 weeks bet

That was really tough hahaha I properly have jinx myself now! Glad all is well with you wishing you all the best x

Third pregnancy now and never felt sick or had the usual pregnancy symptoms... don't worry ...

I've been having the same concerns, no sick no sore Boobs just tired but I'm only 5 weeks. Thanks though your responses have put my mind at rest xxx

Omg I'm so glad to see this post. I'm 7wks1d with my 1st scan on Tuesday and I'm severely lacking symptoms. I have a bit of this and a bit of that but it changes everyday and is so mild. I'm too scared to test again but I've started to convince myself I made the bfp up and it's just the meds causing the "symptoms" xxx

E8989 in reply to Oakey80

Hiya yeah I have felt the same way all the way through so far one day boobs hurt one day next then didn't hurt for 4/5 days the only thing that seems to hang around is tiredness! I hope you scan on Tuesday goes well sending love πŸ’•πŸ’• x

Oakey80 in reply to E8989

Thanks...I'm getting nervous now xxx

Just be thankful as I can assure you if you have it it's horrible. That said mine didn't start until 10 weeks xx

I'm 7+6 and have also had zero morning sickness. I had a scan on Friday where they saw a heartbeat and everything is measuring right. My mum, aunt and sisters didn't get morning sickness either they tell me! Mind you, I've not gotten away easy so far - the tiredness is insane and my blood pressure has dropped so I keep getting bad dizzy spells. Anyway, after all we have been through I think we are going to keep finding things to worry about and the worry may never stop! I'm not worried about my lack of morning sickness anymore but every niggle or cramp and the worry goes into overdrive and I convince myself something has gone or will go wrong!

E8989 in reply to London7

Hiya aww congrats on everything being well at the scan I have also had one at 6+ 4 and have another on Friday due to history and a nice consultant! Yeah my tiredness is nexxt level also finding it tough as I'm a type one diabetic insulin dependent so I'm even more sleepy 😴😴 no I'm

Trying not to worry I just assumed I would get it tho I'm exactly the same literally worry about every time little twinge and tbh my mind is just mental at the moment is very hard and like you said after been through so much all we want is to hold our baby and all be well when is your next scan? Xx

London7 in reply to E8989

I don't have any more scans - have been discharged from the clinic and into general maternity care! But because I'm so anxious I will pay to have one privately or do one of the NIPT (harmony etc) packaged combined with a scan, just to be sure everyone is okay.

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