Sickness postponing IVF

Hi all, I'm due to start stims injections tomorrow but I've been unwell with a tummy bug and cold for the past week and still feel rotten so I think we may have to postpone this round until January. I'm gutted as we've been preparing ourselves and planning our lives around the treatment happening this month but I know I need to be in the best of health to give myself the best chance. I know it sounds irrational but because of my age every month that passes makes me feel our chances are even slimmer and I panic we may already be too late 😟 Sorry to sound so emotional, feeling poorly doesn't help, I'm just so disappointed.

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  • My wife has just started the injections (she's 39). Hope you feel better very soon though, I think your wise to hold it of fur now. Best of luck when you do start.

  • Oh poor you! I would be exactly the same if it was me, with all the waiting around to start again it must be a killer to have to stop! The only thing is you might kick yourself if you continue and dont get a good result knowing you werent feeling the best! Have you asked the clinic for their thoughts on whether you'd be risking your cycle?xx

  • Thanks lovely. I've got my baseline scan appointment in the morning so I'm planning to still go to see them and can ask then what their advice is, although I think I know as they told us we needed to postpone our 1st round because I'd had a virus. I'm rarely ill so this is such bad timing but you're right I need to give it my best shot and not have any regrets xxx

  • Oh bless you CheshireKit, I can totally understand that you must be gutted but you're right, you need to be in the best health in order to get the best result. January will soon be here and I'm sure you will be fighting fit! Hope you are feeling better soon x x x

  • Ah thank you. I'm getting my head around the idea now and I know ultimately it will be for the best, even if it's not successful at least we have it our best shot. Can't be long now til your treatment starts again. Good luck, keep us posted πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ xx

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