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Anti sickness advice

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Has anyone else been prescribed Prochlorperazine for sickness? I’m just over 6 weeks pregnant, I’ve been worried about taking them anyway as we’ve been through so much to get here but was reassured they were safe. I took one and felt even worse, very sick, terrible headaches.. I’ve been too scared to take any more but I can’t even work at moment with the sickness. Has anyone else experienced this but been ok in something different?? Don’t know whether symptoms would pass or to try something else..

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Hi, sorry to hear you’re feeling really rough. My crippling nausea started at 4+1 and I got put on cyclizine at 4+3 so yes, there is other stuff out there you can try. It took a couple of days to fully kick in but it did make me feel sooooo much better, unfortunately I was on it for the entirety of my pregnancy (lower dose from 12 weeks onwards) as I just felt sooo crap without it and couldn’t eat/drink enough otherwise. Once on it I was what I’d call functionally nauseated (so I could eat and drink enough, not the same as before and I was picky over food a lot of the time) but I managed to go to work etc which I certainly wouldn’t have managed without it. Go back to your GP and ask to try something else, the meds certainly shouldn’t be making you feel worse. I’d like to add mine hadn’t been fully tested with pregnant women (as they can’t be without massive cost etc) but I was assured there was no known effects and my baby is perfectly healthy, I’d of been hospitalised on the amount of fluids I’d been taking in if I hadn’t of got it sorted so trust your GP and try things they recommend but try to keep to the lowest dose you can, it’ll be best for you and baby, you can’t grow another human if you’re really bad yourself, it’s a balancing act (and one we beat ourselves up for after having got here after a long slog!) x

I tend to be quite sensitive to medication. I’m just praying something else will work, I just want to be able to go to work and get by really. I didn’t think it should be making me feel so bad. I’ll try Drs Monday for something else. Thanks for replying x

I've been taking one that has meclizine (25mg) as the active ingredient. Don't live in the UK so don't know what's available there but worth trying something different if what you've been prescribed makes you feel worse.

Hope you feel better soon xxx

Thanks, supposed to be a happy time and you just feel awful! X

Hello, I felt terrible from the 5th week and was prescribed the same as you. I preservered until 7 weeks but they just weren’t helping. I went to the doctors and was given cyclizine and admitted to hospital for a drip and an injection of odandastron. I’m 24 weeks and take cyclizine twice a day and it’s helped so much. I did feel sleepy at first but that’s possibly because I wasn’t eating or drinking. Good luck xx

I’ve just been prescribed cyclizine and I’ve heard a few say it worked for them so I’m

crossing everything. I feel exhausted all the time anyway so hopefully won’t notice lol. Thanks x

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