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Just feel so low

Well af reared her ugly head last night and kept me up half the night. This probaly isn't the place to share but I need to get it out. Last night I wad trolled on the miscarriage asociation facebook page. I poured my heart out to how I felt and was told I was wrong. Even after repeatedly saying I'm being trolled. Their rubbish admin has blocked me so i have zero support now and just can't cope any more.

I know it's only facebook and a group of people I don't kniw but just goes to show that even in a place like that, you're not safe. I'm sending a complaint to the miscarriage association as they need to know what they've done to me.

I just want my rainbow. I'm so dowm again and just fed up with lack of understanding or acknowledgment. I just don't know what to do any more.

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Sorry you're having a rubbish day, definitely doesn't help when af arrives (especially with endo, it really sucks) why were people on the forum telling you you were wrong, surely feelings can't be wrong 😕

You do have support here so don't feel totally alone Hun, sending big hugs and hope for a better day xx


Yeah you'd think it would be normal to vent or let out difficult emotions. It was actually in response to what anither lady was saying. Just briefly saying that someone was said to her they were having a miscarriage when they weren't etc. So i responded and just shared my experience about a "friend" who told me she was pregnant in the day my ivf failed, used my nursery designs i wanted for my baby, told another friend she had baby blues for a couole of days when thus friend had post natal depression. Then when i miscarried, she had her baby and slagged me off for not seeing her when I was in hospital myself.

Basically i was then jumped on that I'm silencing her for talking about difficult births and post natal depression etc. I told them i was being trolled and blocked for " name calling". Yet their comments that i shouldn't say that about my ex friend were completely ignored.

That group is a complete joke. I've had a difficult week and now struggling with af pain. I'm just so annoyed that "professionals" can treat vunerable people that way. xx

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I'm so sorry you've been through that in a group that should offer support. Please know there is always support on this forum for you. Totally understandable how your feeling especially with af turning up at the same time! Take care of yourself today xx


Thank you. That made me cry. Tears with a smile though. I'll stick on this site and not recommend the miscarriage asociation to anyone. Everyone has always been great in here so not sure why i didn't turn here in the first place. xx


Aw sorry, I just can't believe a 'support' group can make someone feel this way. It takes a brave person to talk about their miscarriage, there's an amazing charity called saying goodbye they have a Facebook group if you ever do want support from people who 'get it'. I spoke to them a lot when I miscarried last year and it helped me so much xx


Oh really, I'll have to check it out. Thanks for that 😘

My miscarriage was last year mothers day and I've done a lot of talking it through with counciling etc.

I've just been having a down few days and those comments after I vented just tipped me over the edge. I haven't felt this low in a while. Still trying to decide to go again for ivf as doing a natural plan at the moment. I need to get back working too but questioning to just do ivf before i go back as i think I'd struggle to get time off etc. Plus i do go a bit crazy when on meds so think I'm best off being away from work. Just so difficult to know what's right. Got a consultation with ivf clinic so it may help me decide. xx


I posted on the ma website and got nothing back, so there really isn't the suppprt like on here!

There is another group on here too called Fertility, Miscarriage & IVF Support by MamaBe. A lot of the same ladies are on this one and that one, but there could be a few more people who have sadly had miscarriages too...



Thank you. I'll check that out too.

I just can't see how ma operate when they're not trained or people can just write what they like. xx


That's okay, I'm not surprised it did we all need a safe place to vent with people who are meant to understand.

What a tough place your in, would your work not allow time off for apts then? Haha I think we are all guilty of the meds sending us a bit mad, hopefully things become a little clearer for you soon xx


I'm not currently working. I was let go after my 4th attemot failed. I took them to tribunal and got a settlement and took some time out to heal. But i need to be at work and need to know if doibg ivf etc and all coincides. Just bit of a pain but guess it'll work out.xx


Oh how awful for you but glad you got the settlement. Definitely a good thing to take the time to heal, it's a hard enough journey without the added pressure from work xx


I'm really sorry to hear this. Sending you a big hug! xxx


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