Feeling low :(

Well its day 6 past my blastocyst transfer and I know I shouldn't have but I did a hpt it was negative. I'm now wondering if it's all over for me. My last cycle I tested day 5 and got a positive but I also had symptoms unfortunately it ended up in a miscarriage. I just don't feel anything on this cycle no twinges,cramps nothing. I'm still trying to stay strong but finding it a struggle. As any1 got any advice for me. Thanks

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  • It's so difficult during this time :-(

    Try not to panic yet, as you'll just get stressed more. Remember that each occasion is different. The HCG level might only just be starting to enter the blood stream, so maybe do another test in a couple of days time? I've read about people getting negatives up until their official test date....never say never x

  • I'm trying to stay focused it's just so hard I've fractured my ankle so I'm on bed rest which isn't helping as it makes me think. I'd love to take a walk to town, park ect to keep my mind busy but unfortunately I can't put to much pressure on my foot. I'm going to test again in a few days see what happens. I'm not totally negative about it as I've read stories about people been positive around day 9. 10 I just want it so badly. I'm just scared of the worse incase it don't work how I'd cope with another failed cycle. Thanks hollibob and Dee22 Xx

  • Oh no, in the wars!! Not good. Have you got some friends or family that can whisk you off for a natter over a drink and snack? Even if it's just for a couple of hours for a few days, it'll just break your week up and keep you slightly distracted....sort of!


  • If only all my mates wrk full time and hubby couldn't take time off. It just seems to not be a happy cycle. I'm going to hobble lol and make myself a nice lunch and hopefully have a nice aired bath may help me feel better X Thanks hun x

  • That's a shame. Even if you could see someone after work hours, it would give you something to look forward to and get ready for...

    Enjoy your lunch-food and relaxation always helps x

  • Yeah I'm going out for tea hubby just texted. So hopefully I'll be feeling better aft my bath. Thanks for your kind works means a lot X

  • It's still a little early so you never know. I know how tempting it is to test early but it's less likely to be positive the earlier you test. I would try not to focus on this but distract yourself, do something nice, meet up with friends or something. I know this is easier said than done but try not to get stressed about it. You may not get any pregnancy symptoms at this stage so it's difficult to predict. I know this process is so hard but good luck. Do try to do something nice/distracting. Something you enjoy doing. Take care xx

  • Its way to early to detect HGC in a pregnancy test at this stage hun. Fingers crossed for you. sorry to hear about your ankle x

  • Thanks canonlyhope I hope your right I'm just worried as on my frozen cycle it come up early x

  • I was like u..hardly had had a twinge especially in the second week. I wouldn't recommend early testing, and yes I did it too. I think it makes u even more anxious. Try and keep trying to relax and not think about it.....yet. xxx

  • Yeah I'm trying to forget about it not easy to do but I'm feeling a lot better now thanks hun xx

  • Don't dispair. I did test day before test day which was negative but positive day after. I thought it was game over but it wasn't

  • I know how you feel!! I'm on day 7 today and absolutely no symptoms at all. We test on Tues but I'm sure I'll give in before then. I think day 6 is s bit early to test so don't panic. I've been under so much stress since this cycle started with my Dad being ill and my husband losing his job that I feel as though my body is too stressed for it to work xxx

  • Oh scribble 1603 I'm sorry to hear about your dad and your hubby it's last thing u need when going through such a stressful time already. I hope we both get bfp I'm on day 7 tdy don't test till the 13th seems so long away. I've woke up this morning with terrible stomach ache hope it's not my period. I'm going to seaside to try keep my mind off things X

  • I did a test a week in and it was negative done another one on day 14 an positive resulted in a little girl don't give up hope yet ..

  • Thanks rachaelrix 86 I'm hope my dream comes true. Congratulations hun X

  • Dont give up hope vonny27 each cycle is different and also progesterone can cause lots of symptoms which can sometimes mimic pregnancy or period. Try to relax and test again on test day. Ive seen so many stories on here of people being disheartened after testing early and then getting a positive on test day. Keep holding onto that hope and see what happens in a few days. I'm on day 2 of my 2ww, I know how you feel as every twinge makes me overthink but I'm trying to be calm. Wishing you lots of luck for a positive outcome Xx

  • Vonny and scribble believe me when I say no symptoms can be a great thing! I had none what's so ever and had a BIG FAT POSITIVE and am now 17 weeks and 3 days and all is going well so don't fret and all the luck and love in the world being sent both your ways xxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks flossy85 and tjf7 I hope your right but every time I wipe there is bright red blood sorry for tmi so I'm not really holding to much hope X

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