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Hi all. Just wanted to fill you in on today's adventure. So after a very miserable week last week,I'm feeling a little more optimistic about the road ahead. I went to the clinic today for the consent signing appointment. It says on the letter to allow 1 hour for this appointment, however ours was at least 1 and a half hours. At no point did we feel that we were under any time restriction and we were really made to feel as though we were the only couple they were thinking about. The lady we spoke with was amazing. She went through everything with extreme detail and expanded on anything we looked a bit puzzled about. We are being put on what they call the short protocol due to my lack of periods and hormones. We both had a blood test for hep b etc. We have been given a road map on what to expect and when which is amazing especially trying to explain to managers at work and asking for time off etc. Was nice that they tried to keep my husband involved as it can seem like it's all about the women and really it's about both of you trying to conceive. I'm feeling really excited right now. I have been put on tablets to bring on a bleed and they will start the whole injecting and scanning process. If any of you have any questions about today, please ask me. Iv learnt a lot today but the main thing I have learnt is that no question is too silly. X

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  • Sounds like a great start. Well done. xx

  • Thank you x

  • This is great :-) xx

  • Hopefully a sign of things to come x

  • Hi Shannon1400. Exactly! You should never feel awkward about asking anything. This is your body, and you are entitled to know what they are going to do with it! Just wanted to wish well with the cycle when you start. Diane

  • Thank you thay means a lot. Want this to work so bad. How are you? X

  • Hi Shannon1400. I'm fine thanks! Off home now, after a very busy day!! Take care. Diane

  • Snap. Go home and start again lol. Have a great weekend x

  • That's great news - glad you got everything you wanted answered x

  • Thank you. How are you? X

  • Good luck! Sounds like I'm at a very similar point to you. Got my nurse appointment on Thursday to do all the consent forms and then I'll hopefully be starting soon on short protocol.

    My consultant reckons I could start on my next cycle in August but don't want to get my hopes up in case the nurse tells me something different!

  • You will need to wait for your bloods to come back which they will do at your nurses appointment. This takes 2 weeks. If you have a cycle before then they will push you to the next cycle. So kind of measure ur dates n have a look x

  • Think I will just wait til the nurse appointment and see what they say. Don't want to be disappointed if they say I have to wait. My next cycle is due just after two weeks from the nurse consultation.

    I'm going on holiday in September so if they can't do August I'll have to wait until October 😢

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