Feeling so Blessed ❤️❤️

Myself and my husband went for our 9week 1day scan today and it was amazing. We were so nervous went in for the scan and then we saw them both growing really well a couple days bigger which they said is great. 1 was head down, the other head upward and it started to wriggle about which we could see. There heartbeats going strong. Such a happy happy day feeling lucky and blessed and sharing this with you all is amazing. Miracles do come true keep HOPE xx We keep hoping all is ok and taking each day at a time.

Thinking of you all on your journeys and here if you need anything xx

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  • Ahh amazing!! I've just read your bio and your journey sounds similar to mine! You're so strong to keep going after all you have been through. Hope you can start enjoying it a little more now, keep growing little ones! xxxxx

  • Thankyou so much xx how are you?? Xx

  • I'm doing good thanks, just waiting for second natural killer cell biopsy results from Warwick, first result was normal... then hopefully going to use our last frostie October/November 😬I'm ovulating regularly now so will have a natural FET rather than medicated so less stress on my body! Were your FETs natural or medicated? Xxxx

  • I am filled with love and pride for my Daughter and Son in Law, and each scan photo that I see is absolutely Amazing. This is a dream come true, and for there to be two heartbeats is breathtaking. This has been a very long journey for them, and they have supported each other every day, some days have been so difficult, but they have become stronger together. Please read my Daughters story, hopefully it will help someone else to keep positive, and if you can to keep reaching for your dream. Every day I worry about her, but as the weeks go on I am hoping this will get easier, especially for her and her husband, so that they can enjoy their miracles growing, and become a family. They have waited so long for this, it's the best news ever ❤️💙xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Your amazing x how lucky we both are to have you our supportive Mum xx always there through everything xx I do hope our journey helps others and we hope and pray everyday that our miracles are ok and keep growing strong xx having support means everything xx

  • Aw this really made me well up, I love how supportive you are of your daughter! Her story certainly gives me hope, hope is all we have when things get tough. I hope you can all start to relax a little soon and enjoy these long awaited babies xxxxxx

  • She is amazing xx I'm glad it gives you hope because Hope is so important xx take care xx

  • Amazing❤️🌈💋

  • Thankyou xx

  • Lovely post glad all is going well, much deserved xx

  • Thankyou very much x hope your ok x

  • Amazing Kelly. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy 🤰

  • Thankyou so much x I hope your ok x

  • Ah congratulations 🎊 that's lovely news to hear.... Take it easy and hope you have a great pregnancy xxx

  • Thankyou very much x hope your ok xx

  • Hi Kelly-03. So pleased to hear that all is going well for you, and can imagine you both being so excited when you saw your tiny babies. Hope all continues to go well. Diane

  • Thankyou we are so happy and just taking each day as it comes and hoping all is ok xx

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