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Taking longer than we expected


Hi I am so glad I found this group. I was feeling so lost. I'm 30 and my husband is 37. We are TTC for a year and we bought a home fertility test last week. My samples were fine but both of my husband's samples indicated low sperm count. I am worried, anxious, overwhelmed. I work in a professional capacity in healthcare but I was totally unprepared for this. We saw our GP today and he has referred him for a formal semen analysis. I know my mind is racing forward to options without knowing why answers yet. I don't think I can discuss this with my family or friends at the minute. This is all so new and unfamiliar.

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Don't panic. Its really overwhelming at first and prob the last thing you were expecting . It is better to know tho and once you get results of next test u will know what you're dealing with. If your husband does have very low sperm count u could do a cycle of icsi where thru directly place sperm into egg as thus has better chance than regular ivf. This was the issue my husband had and also the quality and mobility of his sperm x

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Thank you so much. I have never heard of icsi. My head was jumping miles ahead and we don't even have the analysis results yet! I know that i need to stay calm and just take this one step at a time :-)

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No problem I know how confusing it was when we first found out. But yea one step at a time and you're only 30 so plenty time xx

Hi try not to let your head go crazy! We had the same news and was told ICSI was the option after 3 years of trying. I went into panic mode thinking this is never going to happen. We decided to do a second sample after a few changes and his result was normal! Borderline but still in the normal range! It was such a rollercoaster of emotions. We decided to take clomid after that and Im now expecting twins! Never in a million years would I have imagined that back then but anything is possible you don't know what's around the corner xxx

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Thank you, wow twins! How exciting?! Congratulations and all the best.

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Yes that reminded me my hubby did 2 samples and 2nd one was better than first. Make sure he carefully follows instructions for handing in sample. Eg. Handing it in within the time slot is very important.

I have blocked tubes that is why we needed Ivf .. my bf though was supposed to have 20 million sperm in a sample they found he had just 7 million however the ones he did have were good mortality which the doctor said is more important he fertilised one out of two eggs on first cycle on second he fertilised two eggs out of two it's not always how much they ha e it's whether the sperm is active or not so I wouldn't panick yet sweetie could be same for you you never know best of luck sweetie with your tests xxx

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Thank you so much :-)

Well done for doing something about it so quickly, we tried for over 2 years before I decided to seek testing. Plus you're only 30, and there's lots that can be done for sperm. Are you going to have tests too? I had an ultrasound which was fine, my AMH score from blood test was fine....but then had the HCG test and discovered my tubes were blocked, then had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and discovered I only have half a cm of cervix....so today I'm going to London to see if I can have surgery for a really high up stitch placed pre pregnancy done like a c-section so that if I do get pregnant it will reduce my chances of miscarriage. Then once that is in place. I'll be able to start ivf. My problems all stem from having abnormal cells removed by cone biopsy several years ago, then an infection 2 weeks later causing my tubes to block. No one told me my fertility could be affected by any of those things. We all end up here for many different reasons, we all think infertility doesn't happen to me - other people need ivf - but then it happens. It's a shock, it's so devastating. It's a long journey....but you get your head around the issues quite quickly then you work out what you need to deal with them, then you become strong, stay positive, and hope for the best with what you've got and with what you are told your options are. There are good days and bad days but you are not alone! This forum is amazing for support and advice and for gaining knowledge xxxx

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Thank you. Yes I am so delighted with the responses and support already. I only joined yesterday. I haven't even thought about getting myself tested yet. Like many others I presumed I would have no problem - my cycle is like clockwork and thankfully never had any medical issues around my reproductive organs. The GP has suggested that once we get the semen analysis results we will then look at what further testing is needed for both of us. Keeping positive :-)

Home tests aren't the best so try not to worry too much until your doctors results are back. Do a little reading and you will see that sperm rejuvenates in cycles and the quality can get better so all is not lost for you and further intervention may not be necessary just some lifestyle changes. Let your doctors go through their process and keep baby making every few days. It's early days for you try not to worry prematurely if you can x

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I am a worrier for sure. I should have included that we stopped contraception about 18months ago but with busy schedules we really didn't start trying or aiming for a fertile window for the first few months so in reality we are only a year trying I suppose. I certainly have a lot to learn - one step at a time!

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It's overwhelming and so hard and I know what you mean as you still have to have a life if you can. This forum is great for every step of the way so don't hesitate to post when you need help advice and support as there is always someone who will understand x