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Anyone just starting an IVF cycle at Glasgow Royal Infirmary?


Hi, I just had my prostrap injection last week and so far have I've only had mood swings and now got a cold. I was expecting my period to come early, but so far it hasn't. Is anyone else just starting a cycle or just about to start a cycle at GRI around now? Would be good to talk to someone else going through it at the same time.

I'm trying to remain positive, but obviously know that the fact I'm almost 37 and my AMH is 6.9 means statistically we have about a 20% chance of it working. My sister-in-law got really annoyed with me for saying something negative about it because she's into positive mental attitude, but just feel I need to be realistic. Didn't help at all that I got a text from an old friend with a pic of his girlfriend's 12 week scan yesterday just before a meeting at work. I struggled to hold it together.

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Hi bluchakra, im not in GRI, but in London. I have started the downregging and after my next period hopefully i can start the stimulation injections. What is prostap injection if you dont mind me asking?

If u dnt mind sharing what is the diagnosis of your infertility? I m 38 and have low amh aswell, just like you but my husband has low sperm count aswel, so i dnt even know what percentage chance i have even. Anyway im keeping positive open mind, so lets see what happens.

If you feel like for chat, im always here...


Also do you know which protol you are on? And is it ivf and icsi or ivf only?

BluChakra in reply to shirley100

Thanks shirley100. Prostrap is for downregging. I had it on day 21 and I'm waiting for my period now too. Nothing so far though, just spots, mood swings and full of the cold now I've stopped my herbal medicine so my immune system is low.

I don't have a diagnosis, but I had bowel surgery two years ago for ulcerative colitis and then a small bowel blockage caused by surgical adhesions this year. When they opened me up there were adhesions on my tubes too and one of my ovaries stuck to something else so that must have been causing a problem as well as the low AHM.

I'm on an IVF protocol as my partner's sperm seems to be pretty good. Are you having ICSI? Wishing you all the best of luck too xx

Yeah im having icsi. For my downregging, i take norethisterone twice a day for 12 days from day 14 of cycle. Then after few days of stopping i shud get a period, after that period i go for scan, if everything is ok then i start stimulation injections. Is prostap just 1 shot of injection??

Yeah it's just one shot. I had it last Thursday and get a scan on the 11th so see if my lining is thin enough to do stims. I've seen your other posts and you've had so many problems with the thickness of your lining. I hope it all works out for you this time and you can just get on with it.

Bluchakra my scan is also on the 11th do u collect ur injections that day too

Yes I do. Looks like we're doing this at the same time. The 11th is my birthday. Happy birthday to me. Have a scan and some injections, LOL!

Hi, I have just been put on the IVF list at Glasgow Royal could you tell me roughly how long you waited for your treatment to start? Thanks x

Hi Charlene

We were on Ayrshire and Arran's waiting list and were told it would be 22 months, but they managed to get it down to just over a year.

Hi am Glasgow royal also , had my prostap , hosp 2moz for scan and to collect injections , my Amh is only 4

claire1983 in reply to Melaineh

Hi Melanie, Im due to get my prostap at royal next friday. My amh is also 4. How did you find the jab, any mood swings etc after it?

Hi bluchakra

I'm at GRI also and I'm 37. I'm due to get my prostap this Friday and very nervous for how it will affect me!

I've been struggling with my jealousy issues as friends and family members have all had babies whilst I've been waiting to start! I've also felt that family haven't been the most supportive especially my in-laws! I'm also frequently being reminded about positive mental attitude etc!

I've been attending the counsellor and having reiki/massages to try help with the stress.

Best wishes on your journey


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