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Follow up

Hey ladies and gents well I have finally had a follow up appointment in my clinic after my last cycle just over a month ago....if I'm honest the after care has been rubbish ! After me ringing them and asking them what's going on and when is my next app they sent me a letter ! They offered me counceling after the chemical pregnancy and I didn't hear a thing after my last test date ! So finally 26th July is my app and hopefully will start my second cycle very soon 🤞I don't know what to expect and I still haven't had a period since my last cycle over a month ago now 😕 so I'm not sure what will happen either way I'm ready to start another round 😊 x

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It's so frustrating always having to chase for follow ups. Glad you've finally got your apt through and are feeling positive about another round, have you got any frozen embryos? Wishing you lots of luck x

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It is really frustrating I just want to do it now lol...i am ready to go 😊 and no hun no frozen so I'll have to start from the beginning thank u for replying hope all is well with u xx


Hopefully it won't be to long, I always find once you've had the apt it gets moving quick. Thank you, I'm starting my 4th cycle next week 🤞 xx


Hopefully and good luck with u r cycle 🤞🤞 everything crossed for u xx


Thank you 😊 I'm going to keep possitive this time now I know what to expect and just go with the flow and try not to stress as much (easier said than done lol) hope all is well with u xx


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